Germany —12007 (7/3/12)

The work project is coming along quite well. The team has the ground almost leveled around the building, and most of the stucco has been removed from the walls in preparation for renovating/re-siding the exterior.
Weather since the last report has been rainy with a few thunderstorms, one quite severe, and cooler.
Puppets were used in a presentation for approximately 165 kindergarten children yesterday and a music and drama presentation was done as well. The German-English version of the Good News coloring book was distributed to them as well.
The outstanding experiences for this report are the afternoon of playing extreme Frisbee and volleyball with the nationals on Saturday. Monday morning, the team did a presentation for 165 kindergarten children (children were not necessarily Christian or from Christian homes), and Monday afternoon, as the report was being written, the team had the opportunity to make pottery and candles.
Corbin Fitzgerald-So the plane ride was pretty awesome. Just a few nights ago we had a huge thunderstorm hit us at 12:30 am. We awoke to Dave’s lovely screaming voice and had a Chinese fire drill and ran out of our tents to the hay inn – it was a fun experience, the girls were all afraid, but I’d like to do it again. All is giong well and God is working in our lives.
Esther Tjoelker-Since coming to Germany we have moved along very nicely on our project. The past couple days have been overcast and kind of dreary. It’s hard to stay encouraged and to be encouraging when the weather’s bad but everyone has done really well. We are all trying to be super encouraging even when we don’t feel encouraged. I feel that team has bonded really well and that these bonds will be able to stand through a lot. A couple days ago we had a really bad storm and we had to move into a building but w are now moved back into our tents and all is well.


  1. Natalie, Glad to have an update, and hear things are going well. We love you lots and pray you are growing from this awesome experience. See you soon. Mom

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