Malawi Guitar —12001 (7/4/12)

The team are warming up to the village life, yet putting into practice what they learned at Boot Camp—living in tents, using outhouses, not wasting water. Now they know the reason behind the rough conditions at Boot Camp!The weather has been very pleasant—no rain, a bit cold at night, but rather hot in the sun during the day, not much wind either. We forgot four of our tents at the base, so beside the other four, we are sharing with the unit tents that do not have good
zippers, so clothes pins come very handy closing their tents.Conserning evangelism: We have been having intense practices to do better at presentations, and playing guitars together as a group. The team has been very cooperative. They loved presenting to the crowd, and playing with the kids while
others teach guitars to the older ones. They sure got tired and hungry yesterday afternoon after running so much within the games. They had a crowd of 120—that’s when they lost counting. Other times it is about 60-80 people average for each presentation. Hundreds have heard the Gospel and all of our boys have preached by now and about 100 people have responded to the call of Christ so far.

Wynter Hilbun-God has really shown me a lot about myself while I’ve been in Malawi. He’s shown me how ungrateful I am for my many blessings. It amazed me how happy these children can be with only one set of clothes, one meal a day, and no flushing toilets. Even though they have so little they still enjoy playing and laughing instead of complaining.

Tabitha Bisel-The time I have spent in Africa so far has been amazing. The kids love spending time with us and want to do everything with us. When I was serving a Special Blessing, some of the kids kept trying to carry my buckets for me or try to help me sweep. God has also been showing me a lot of things through Devotions and Bible Study times. I has helped me through some hard times when Satan was trying to tear me and the team down.

Special Events:
We sadly didn’t make something special on July 1st, on Canada day, we were so wrapped up with moving to Mangochi, and eating travel/simply food, as the kitchen was not set up early enough. So on the 2nd we got to eat cake for Meredith Birthday, on the 3rd
for Leader Chelsea’s Birthday, on the 4th we are celebrating both Canada Day and Independence Day with the same cake. On the 5th it will be Becky’s birthday, so we are having lots of treats!!!

Hope the parents are doing well, their children are fine, in the middle of God’s will, in the palm of God’s hands, it is the safest place. They often pray for you back home and miss you in their own ways, individually.



  1. Great! Is a service considered any gathering? And is this a cultural thing or TMI?

  2. Jennifer Saylor

    I hope that means Talan got to preach. Oh that God would move in the hearts of these young men permanently. Praying!!

  3. Glory be!! It is wonderful to get these updates!
    They mention the boys have all preached- are the girls able to present the Gospel?

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