Montana — 12030 (7/3/12)

Montana Missions TripI’m excited to see the many great things that God is doing for the Montana team. Many people on this team are learning the importance of giving their whole self to God. There are some struggles, but God will deliver us out of them all.

Kyle Bass-I came to Christ on June 30 of 2012. Here at Teen Missions. There was a sermon on choices and I felt like I had a pulling on my heart. I cam to the Lord that day.

Kate Minter-Boot Camp is rough. We’re had dumping rain and intense heat, hurrying, and scurrying here and there all over the property, frustrations, wet socks, moldy clothes and bathroom duty, and still I would not trade this week of my life for anything. I have been pushed out of my comfort zone to my physical limits, and through homesickness, and the lesson that I have learned is that Jesus is all I need and I wouldn’t trade that for the world. I look forward to seeing what He will teach me this next week.



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  1. Kathy (Burdick) White

    I know God is at work on the Montana team as I am often reminded throughout the day and night to pray for my son and his teammates/leaders. It is not an easy thing…Bootcamp…but blessings often come in the hard times.

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