Uganda Film — 12026 (7/3/12)

Uganda Missions TripIt’s hard to believe that in less than a week the team will be commissioned out to the missions field. The team has gone through a lot of valuable training and look forward for some new classes to start soon including Puppets and Advanced E.V.

The team has learned a lot during their training. Drama started off slowly, but the team has now mastered 2 fall skits, “The Cage” and “Battleground.” Taylor Adams, Elizabeth Bash, and Nick Picerno and Victoria Webber have joyfully taken on some of the more challenging roles.

On Friday the tam had the opportunity to run the “Swamp OC.” the Swamp OC has many of the obstacles from the regular Obstacle Course taken to the water. The team enjoyed an opportunity to swim and they worked together and encouraged each other the entire time.

The team is bonding well as they continue to look forward to going to Uganda. It is obvious that the team members are eager to work hard so people come to know Jesus as they work very hard on the dramas and songs that will be presented in Uganda at places such as church.

Ariel Lee-it’s been nice being on a small team, because you get to know people better, and in a quicker amount of time. Boot Camp has gone quickly and I’m looking forward to the field because its a unique project, making a film. I am excited to meet the people in Uganda and interact with them.”

Katie Jimenez- Its been hard but i’ve been learning a lot about how to share the Gospel. And I got to learn how to use a saw which is exciting. I’ve made it over the slough haven’t fallen in yet, which is exciting because I thought I would. I’m just excited to get to Uganda to work to help the kids out.

Prayer Request

-Good health for the team

-Health for families at home

-for all bags to arrive in Uganda

-For good focus in the classes

-More team unity

-Protection from bugs


-Safety for Early Boot Camp Teams



  1. Armando Jimenez

    I’m keeping you all in my prayers. I’m super proud of you Katie.
    Have a safe and spiritually fulfilling trip to Uganda.

    Way to go Uganda Team!!!!!!

  2. Elizabeth Irene Bush

    Go team! Great to hear your getting excited. Liz, all your acvting skills came in handy. Good for you. Hope to meet the whole team on Friday. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  3. So excited for the Uganda team! May God bless you during this time in each of your lives. UGANDA! UGANDA!

  4. What A great way to share the Gospel

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