Australia — 12070 (7/3/12)

Greetings from down under (in Florida)! Our team of 3 leaders, 9 team members (six boys, three girls) are 1/3 way through Boot Camp and all are well despite mosquitoes and wet boots.

We are creative! We won the Brainstorming class Friday, so we swam on Saturday. We have had 2 classes in block laying and music. Emily is our song leader. Caleb made it over the slough every day so far and Carter can run and jump for the rope that is sitting still. Izzy was out first person in the Prayer Tower to pray for all the teams around the world. We served on KP Saturday night and it was fun.

We are doing well and ask you to continue to pray for strength and for us to not be homesick. Watch us on the webcam. We are moving over to the Rallies with the teen teams staring Sunday night! Yeah!

Chloe- the pool is my favorite thing! It’s fun to win brainstorming and the clean awards.

Emily- I love the pool and the Obstacle Course. I made it across the slough today (Monday) with dry socks!



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  1. So good to hear this report! We have a team praying for all of you. It’s cool to hear Emily is using her music gifts to lead singing there in the group (and that she made it across that slough with dry socks!) Esther is impressed! Praying for you all today as you are commissioned to go tomorrow!

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