Cambodia — 12002 (7/5/12)

Rain. We are in rainy season for sure. There is a very small window of opportunity to get your clothes off the line between when they are dry and when it starts to rain again. We have done evangelism in the rain, biking in the rain, and walking in the rain. The small dirt road that we are on has big pot holes that stay filled with water most days. But the rain does help it to cool down. So we are thankful for the rain.

The team continues to focus on evangelism. They are biking each morning into town to talk with people who are in the area. In the afternoons the team either walks to a nearby location or takes the truck out to the other side of town to do children’s programs. Tuesday the neighborhood kids came over for games and to practice English.

The team also has been given the opportunity to teach the English class for the Bible School students each evening for an hour beginning at 6:30. Our team has really enjoyed the interaction with the students even though communication remains a barrier. Each team member takes a turn teaching different parts of the lessons they have prepared.

On the Fourth of July, I took the team up to the grocery store to get ice cream, sodas and candy. For dinner we celebrated with red, green and orange Fanta, chocolate fudge brownies and Japanese jelly candies.

The most exciting news we have is that Dre (our third leader) finally got her passport and is currently traveling to meet up with us here in Siem Reap. We will meet her at the bus station Thursday night.

Thank you for all of your prayers for us as we continue to minister in Cambodia!

Now from the team:

Curtis Bates-We have been very busy in Siem Reap. Often in the afternoons we teach phonics to children. This can be difficult because we don’t speak their language, but we have a translator so it works out well and we point to the letter and the children answer back. These places that we teach phonics at are on very rough roads that have a lot of potholes. We also do evangelism by the river in the mornings by riding our bikes. It’s a lot of fun. We also teach the BMW students in the evening. I have been having a great time so far.

Peter Demos- It has been a week since we have arrived in Cambodia. Everything is great. Even when the weather is too hot you can always count on a rain storm to cool things down. The food is awesome especially the variety of noodles, not to mention the frogs and crickets. The people are also amazing and kind. This is shaping up to be a great summer.

Larissa Pingley- I am so glad to have this chance to evangelize to the Cambodian people. There is so many people here that don’t know about Jesus, and we have that chance. Our team has been setting goals like one day we will say our goal is to talk to five different people. Cambodia is a really beautiful country. This country has made my eyes more clear to the poor and needy. I have enjoyed my time learning to speak Khmer. So far I have learned hello, thank you and good morning.

Elsie Anne Gray- The team has now been ministering in Cambodia for a week and the days are flying by. Though the transition from Boot Camp to the field was somewhat difficult, we are becoming more comfortable with Cambodian people and culture. Though I wish we had more time here to see an even greater impact on the people, I trust that God is using us exactly as He desires and will continue to teach us much this summer. Perhaps the greatest lesson I have learned so far is one that the Lord has been drilling into me everyday for many years-humility. I pray that I would have a teachable spirit so that I can grow more like Christ this summer.

Leah Hems- Being in Cambodia so far has been an amazing experience for me personally. I have grown closer to the Lord and have seen and tasted many unique Cambodian foods. I have grown to have a heart for the youth of Cambodia as we teach them songs and phonics. My heart is filled with smiles as I see the children eager to learn and hear about the love of Jesus. I have grown in how to more effectively share the Gospel to others.

Victoria Profio- Almost everyday we have been sharing the Gospel with people. Our team has had the opportunity to share not only with the Cambodians, but also with some of the tourists. We have mainly been sharing in villages and near some of the souvenir shops. It has been such a great experience to share with people. I feel more comfortable with sharing with others. Besides just sharing the Gospel, we have been making friendships with others too. Our main way to travel to evangelize is by bicycle. It is even more fun when you go by bike!

Sharaya Lafortune- Being here in Cambodia has been such a blessing. I’ve learned so much about the people and Cambodia itself! Though I admit that I’m terribly homesick, the joy of helping oft overpowers the homesickness. One of my favorite memories since being here was on one of the days we went out to evangelize in the city. It was the fourth of July and a team member and I found a street lady to talk to on a bridge. She spoke poor English, but we learned enough about her to tell she had been through many hard times. She showed us all the bruises she had from being beaten by men on the street and told us that much of her possessions had been stolen. We prayed with her and talked with her in scattered English for a long time. Some street children even came later to play with us, and I had much fun! I hope the woman was able to see the kindness of God represented through us!






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  1. I just wanted let you know that I am praying for your team. Travis I am praying for you as a leader. Keep up the good work, I am praying that you have a great summer leading people to Christ and mentoring your students.

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