Cameroon — 12015 (7/5/12)

Since Sunday (our last report), we have been flying through Boot Camp. Every day we wake up it’s been going faster and now we only have four days left. Before we know it, we will be flying to Cameroon. We are getting a lot of people over the wall on the obstacle course, but we keep disqualifying. Our team has felt a little sick as the flu comes around our team. Tyler Pound, Nathan Hoskins and Elizabeth Ludac have been not feeling so well. Polly Mecaskey’s knee and ankle are feeling better. James Bagans twisted his ankle but is feeling much better. However, we are all surviving and getting ready for Commissioning. We shall finish our weekly classes of evangelism, phonics and music and get prepared to go. Until next time.

Leah Fangard- Boot Camp has been a great experience through the struggles and the fun. The evangelism classes have really challenged me to share the Gospel with others. I have started to feel a burden for the people of Cameroon through both these classes and also the rallies at night. I am so excited to see how we will work together in Cameroon to bring people to Christ.

Nathan Hoskins- Before I came I was ‘close’ to God …but I wasn’t really close to God. Every day I used to do my devotions at home, but I wasn’t focused. When I came, I was distracted. When I started living without a cell phone or computer or TV, God was really the only thing I had left to depend on. I have built friendships these two weeks that will last a lifetime. Boot Camp has really prepared me to go on the missions field.



  1. Roberts family

    Go team! Bagans family – we are praying for all of you. May the Lord strengthen you in your service and increase your joy in serving Him. Miss you all! Love – Roberts family 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday, Lisa! Praying for you and your team. Hope you have a wonderful trip to Cameroon. I was hoping to see you in DC at Dulles, but I heard you can’t leave the secure area at the airport and I don’t think I can get in.

  3. Deborah Stumpf

    Nancy, please yes print these…that would be wonderful if you get this in time. My daughter, Nicole, says YES also. We will be watching on the webcast 🙂 Beth, didn’t they only get the piggy award once the whole time, or was it twice? Thinking and praying all the time and watching the clock today to see what is happening at Merritt Island…..Trey, praying you will find a new camera or get a lot of memory cards for yours….I know JESUS will work it all out since we can’t get there and give you a new camera to take to Africa…also do not take any videos with that camera it will eat all your camera’s memory up! May our gracious LORD JESUS uplft and carry each one of you over this next season of your remarkable summer serving our LORD! Blessings, joy, health and keep those laugh buckets full 🙂 Trey’s Grandma 🙂

  4. Opps, thanks Beth for your updates about their Piggy award. We will be coming to Commissioning today. Just received a note from Aaron (the last row, 3rd from the left, wearing red) by mail (thanks God that it arrives in time!)- that the whole team has special craving for chocolate chips cookies and Caprisun juices pouch for the celebration. Sure We will run to Walmart now to get their favorite goodies. Nicole and Deborah, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to print your both responses out and hand to Trey tonight. Your words are so encouraging! Praying for all team members and leaders!

  5. Praying for you guys and especially for Morgan Davis! God is going to do great things through you!

  6. Cheryl Kauffman

    Bagans Family thinking of you all.

  7. Deborah Stumpf

    Just found this page….been watching the main page for Cameroon to show up! Praying for all of you and the great things our LORD is going to do and is doing through all of you!! Thankful tonight you were just on “the fence” and no piggy awards for you! What a blessing to see the team photo and read the two postings. Thank you so much for this and the web casts, even though they don’t show Cameroon to often:) I so want to be at Commissioning, but travel from Oregon I can’t do it, but will be there in my heart. Go Cameroon!!! Hugs to you all, especially my grandson, Trey!

  8. Nicole Goodman

    Praying for you all daily!! I will continue to ask for prayer for your health, safety and endurance. Team unity is also so critical and patience for you leaders 🙂 What a testimony you will have when you get home! Trey~ I love you soooo much and remember to keep your eyes focused on God. He is our physician, provider and parent. Stay strong and give all those kids in Cameroon the love you have within you! Love- Mom

  9. Bummer about the DQ’s! Praying for all of you as you prepare to fly!! So glad it is going so well.

  10. Ruth Ann Leduc

    Great to get your news! praying for strength and joy in these final days before you leave. You’re going to be such a blessing to the people of Cameroon. So proud of you !

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