Canada — 12072 (7/3/12)

The team has adjusted to Boot Camp life remarkably well. There are 10 team members—two boys and eight girls. To date, they have participated in classes on carpentry, digging, painting and music. The mornings are packed full: rise and shine at 5:30, running the Obstacle Course at 6:15 , breakfast at 6:45, devotions at 7:30 and Bible class at 8:00. Yesterday was a special treat – alligator pizza and chocolate milkshakes (their first cold drink since arriving).

Starting last night, the Preteen teams joined the teen teams for the evening rally, which means you can watch for your preteen on the live webcast (please note they leave the rally for their own tent for the message). They seemed to really enjoy being included in the larger venue.

The team has won the ‘Miss Piggy’ award twice already for having the cleanest tent site, which is rewarded with some time in the pool the following afternoon- a welcomed activity after sweating in the heat of the Florida sun all day.

Josiah- It’s been a great time, of course. I love jumping over the slough. It’s been a great time at church- I loved it. The food is good.

Aidan- I really enjoy the food and I’m thankful for my mom sending the fan water bottle. I’m really looking forward to going to Canada.


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  1. Thanks for the update. Enjoyed reading how they are doing and seeing their team picture.

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