Ecuador — 12016 (7/5/12)

Happy 4th of July from team Ecuador! Today, as we celebrate our nation’s independence, our team is also celebrating our last run on the Obstacle Course and counting down the last few days of Boot Camp.

We will be commissioned on Saturday and we leave for Ecuador on Tuesday, July 10. Please pray for our team- that they would take these last few days seriously as we begin packing, and that they would open their hearts and be receptive to the Lord speaking to them.

The weather this week has been hot and dry, but thankfully everyone’s tent is dry and the mosquitoes haven’t been too bad. Everyone has been doing well health-wise for the most part. A few of our girls have had colds, but they seem to be getting better. Today on our team, one of our girls is celebrating her 14th birthday. Happy birthday to Abby Lodholm!

Andrea Sunderman- These past two weeks at Boot Camp have been filled with many different things. Here, there’s been lots of different classes ranging from block laying to puppet classes to evangelism classes. All of these classes have many lessons that are not only applicable to the field but also back at home. The speakers have been challenging and they’ve really caused me to examine my relationship with God and my purpose here on Earth. Overall, Boot Camp has been a good experience and our team has worked together well and gotten through several rough patches. Boot Camp definitely isn’t a ‘piece of cake’ but there’s no doubt it’s been a worthwhile experience



  1. Linda Hockersmith

    Waiting for news of your arrival. Kaelea we love you lots and we are all praying for you and your team. Mom

  2. Thank you for the updates!! Praying for you Team Ecuador – for safe travels, for life transforming work through our Lord Jesus Christ and for unity. The Lord belss you and keep you…. Love and hugs to you, Andrea!! Love, Dad & mom

  3. Nicole & Terry Giesbrecht

    Looking forward to hearing more updates from Ecuador! Congratulations on getting through Boot Camp ! We miss you like crazy Delaney! Love you!

  4. Paul and Nicole Toews

    Miss and love you so much Delaney! xoxoxoxo

  5. Michael & Renae Bussen

    We love & miss you Stephanie (Bussen) so much. We are proud of you for taking this challenge. We pray for you and the whole team to be blessed and be a blessing in Ecuador for the Lord and the lost and the Church.Take care and call us when/if you can. All our love & prayers, Dad & Mom Bussen

  6. Elva Jean Brown

    Tonight is the BIG night. Praying for you ALL. Go and light your candles and shine for Jesus.

  7. Happy Birthday Abby. I will be praying for you and the team as you go out to do the Lords work. Keep your eyes on God.

  8. Thanks for the update!! Will be praying for the team!!

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