Haiti — 12017 (7/5/12)

Hello everyone! The team is doing well and we thought we would let you hear from each of this report. Please keep the letters and emails coming! They really help with encouragement and team moral!!

Hi Mom and Dad, I love you so much and my letter is coming. The food is good and I miss you all! – Boaz Laverman

Having fun! Can’t wait for Haiti and to get out of Boot Camp! Ha, ha! – Emily Tuttle

Hey everyone! I’m alive and having a great time here at the Lord’s Boot Camp! Love you and see you all soon! – Tayleeia Jackson-Pare

Hey Mom and Dad! Miss you and love you. I had a nose bleed today, but I’m fine. Talk to you later! – Gracie Meyer (Pax)

Hey guys, during the O.C. I “talked” to Alex’s foot on his way up the wall. We were at the lake from 3-4pm and the pool from 4-5pm. Having a great time here and I miss you guys! – Luke Leamy

Hey Mom and Dad! I love you guys and start saving up, because I’m coming back next year. – Alisha McClean

Hello Mommy and Daddy! I miss you lots! I got to bathe today!! I feel clean! I love you! – Taylor Hess

Dad, Autumn, Mom, Herb, Buggle and Pher! Boot Camp has turned into a lot a fun. I made it over the slough today, miss you lots, love you so much! – Alyssa Hallock

Hi Mom and Dad. – Samuel Faulkner

Hi Mom and Dad! I tripped over tree roots today! I love you! – Tiffany Bergman

Love you guys! Miss ya’ll! Having fun! – Hope Brown

Mom (Jessica), Father (Adam) and Steven, I miss and love you guys so much and I can’t wait to see you guys. – Malique Collins

Well Mom, it’s Canada Day! Turns out I’m very prideful (about Canada). Dad would be very proud. Love you! – Alex Temple

Hey Mom and the family, it’s Canada Day and the food is good. Boot Camp is becoming more fun. – Love, Tristen

Dear Mom and Dad, I miss you lots. Tell the family I said Hi and happy 4th of July! – Brayden Heinonen

Hey there, family! I’m not good at coming up with funny one liners, but I really love and miss you all! – Bekah Scoville

Hey Mama, six more days until Boot Camp is ovaa! I love you! – Madison McKee

Familia – miss you guys, can’t wait to see to see you. It’s really hot! – Jordan Hurst

Dear Mom and Dad, I’m surviving here. We got the pool again. Please send me more emails! – Seth Friesen

Boot Camp is really fun and though it’s tough to be away from our friends and family. We make new friends and grow more in Jesus every day. – Kaiti Cragg

Ok, this place is pretty fun. Love you family! – Charlie Friesen

I am having a great time. The Obstacle Course is fun. I miss home, but I am learning so much! – Katrina Lantz






  1. Way to go Katrina! We in the Youth Group miss you but are so proud of all you are doing! Can not wait to hear all your stories when you come home and hear about how you made a difference for God! 6:12 Youth Group loves and misses you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. Michelle Harwell

    Way to go Team Haiti! So proud to see all of you light your candles last night! Enjoy the AC and showers today 🙂 Praying that God uses each one of you in a mighty way. Be a light & a blessing in Haiti. Miss you much Jordan – Love, Mom

  3. Elva Jean Brown

    Praying for you ALL Haiti Team. Tonight is the big night. Light you candles and SHINE for Jesus.

  4. Christine Hall

    Hi Alyssa, How wonderful to be able to follow your adventures at boot camp. I watched you all swinging on the rope to cross the slough and found myself swaying back and forth. It looks so hard but you did it! Good for you! Keep up the good work and be safe. Love, Christine Papa says Hi too

  5. Hey Alex. Very happy you have Canadian pride…. GO MAPLE LEAFS!!!! Wait a minute…. that’s Toronto pride I have. Yay for MAPLE SYRUP and beaver tales! 🙂 lol Love and miss you lots buddy! (Alex Temple´s mom)

  6. Sylvia & Jeff Meyer

    We love and miss you Gracie. We are praying for you. Keep up the good work and enjoy every minute of service. Love and Pax. Mom & Dad.

  7. Terri Fleischman

    Great work Lyssie!!! Glad you made it over. Good work!!! ~~~ Aunt Terri <3

  8. Thank you for posting this. Way to go Alyssa. miss you

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