Holy Land School — 12020 (7/5/12)

Excitement grows for the Holy Land team as the last day of Boot Camp and Commissioning evening draws closer. The team has adapted to Boot Camp surprisingly well. Getting ready in the morning comes at much more of a natural pace and the O.C. (obstacle course) does not seem so much of an impossibility as it did the first day of Boot Camp. Tuesday was the day leaders were permitted to run the O.C. alongside the team members. But the best part about this day was that the order of the obstacles was changed and every team member got the thrill of conquering the twelve foot wall. The wall is one of those obstacles that is impossible for one team member to complete alone and, therefore, requires a team effort to accomplish.

Sunday was a day to experience some of the more enjoyable things Boot Camp has to offer such as: dressing up for church (outfits including six inch construction boots) and relaxing and swimming in the lakes. Sunday also afforded time to catch up on memory work and say the memory review. Each team member, as well as their leaders, are required to memorize 40 Bible verses and Sunday was the deadline for the first 10 to be said word-perfect with the reference included. The team members also got a chance to switch tent partners. This presents a prime opportunity to get to know another team member extremely well!

Tuesday was unique day. At 5:05 AM, when the team was heading out of the tent site, it was announced that classes were cancelled for the day and our assignment was to take down one of the Big Top tents and put it away. The team worked alongside the China team and with the joint effort, the tent was packed away by lunch! The rest of the day was spent doing some much-needed clean up and maintenance around Boot Camp.

Boot Camp has proven to, once again, accomplish its purpose in preparing teenagers to love abroad for a month. The Holy Land team is better prepared for the early mornings, working hard all day and has the discipline to work together as a team. Individually, Boot Camp has proven to test the endurance of everyone, both physically and mentally. The skills acquired before the summer, combined with the lessons taught at Boot Camp, will converge to create a truly amazing Holy Land team that God can mold and shape according to His will.

Aubrey Spurlin- Boot Camp has made me realize just how much I take for granted. I have met people that will remain my friends for the rest of my life. I am ready to go out to the world to serve God.

Rachel Graves- What a crazy and amazing two weeks this has been! I came to Teen Missions with a heart for missions and a desire to serve God in a foreign country, but after the first week, I really had to have a heart check. There was a lot more to missions than I realized. Throughout these last weeks I have come to see that I really do want to give my life for God in foreign missions. God has also blessed me with a great team to serve alongside this summer and great and Godly leaders to serve under. I have been blessed!



  1. So wonderful to see Teens doing GOD’s work, I am truely bless by your works for him! My prays are with you and your works

  2. Way to go Holy Land Team!!!! Growing in so many ways, God is ready to do some AMAZING things in and through you!!

  3. I am so excited for the team and what the Lord has in store! Go with God!

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