India Environment — 12004 (7/5/12)

Namaste! Hi from India! Happy 4th of July!

We are having an awesome time here on the sub-continent. The temperature has cooled slightly and the overcast weather has made conditions much more pleasant.

We are getting into the swing of things, usually leaving the Teen Missions property at 9am to present programs at schools, villages and an orphanage and returning mid-late afternoon. We have also been able to share at a village prayer meeting. Evan gave a great testimony with very little warning! There have been opportunities for us to bless villages by planting coconut palms, which can provide an income from the fruit and oil. We are so appreciative of the East Coast Children’s Home for providing several amazing meals for us.

The Teen Missions base has been buzzing with the arrival of BMW students. It is great to see teenagers from different cultures brought together through their love for Jesus.

We can not believe how quickly time is flying by here! Please continue to pray for the health and safety of the team as tiredness is kicking in.

Praying that all the other teams are having a blast too!

Miss you all, love from the India Team

Christianna Crank – We have been able to spend a lot of time playing with the orphans at the children’s home. It’s been really great to form relationships with the kids. They are so fun to be around. Yesterday, we went to a village to plant coconut palms. It’s exciting to think that in a few years these trees will help provide food and an income for the families. I’m looking forward to seeing how else God will use us while we are here.

Evan Dowers – I’ve been having a great time here! Every morning I wake up and I cannot believe I’m in India! I’m really enjoying spending time with the kids in the children’s home and making a lot of new friends. God’s been showing me that not everything is about me, it’s about Him. I never thought I’d have so much fun singing kid’s songs and doing puppets every day. And also HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!!!




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