Indiana — 12071 (7/3/12)

Lucas, Alana, and Jessica were the first to arrive on our team, Wednesday afternoon. They helped set up the tents for the rest of the team. The rest of our team arrived Thursday morning including: Sean, Ellie, Rebecca, Zach, Elise and Nathan. Elijah arrived at dinner time before our first rally.

Everyone on the team is working well as a team. On our first Obstacle Course race: Zach, Elijah, Ellie, Elise and Alan all fell in the slough the first day but had tremendous attitudes and laughed about it. Christopher, our son, enjoyed going over Jacob’s Ladder. Alexis even ran the O.C. attached to Bjorn. We are enjoying tent living and our favorite meal is suppertime. On Thursday night, the Indiana team was up first to serve the camp dinner. Rebecca served sour cream to go on top of everyone’s taco salads. Nate served the tomatoes. Miss Barb said they all did an excellent job. Jason, Heather, Jessica and I are blessed to be leading this awesome team.

They are all enthusiastically learning their daily memory verses. They all say, “Hi!” to the families that let them come. Ellie and Nate shared a great testimony of how God blessed them to come.

Other activities our team has participated in was Noah’s Ark, which is pairing wooden animals and placing them in the ark as a team in an allotted time. They all successfully had their first bucket bath and were able to wash their clothes with fresh lake water. Nate and Lucas did an excellent job washing and even caught a minnow in their wash buckets. They also raced ‘Run from the Devil’, which is a bungy race. Jessica got the farthest. We received the ‘Miss Piggy’ award for the ‘dirtiest campsite’ on Friday and served it by cleaning the bathrooms. The team did a great job and didn’t complain. They had great attitudes.

We have a brainstorm time third period every day. Our team gets to swim in the pool today for coming up with the best idea for TMI shirts. Maybe they will be able to buy these shirts next year. Our team has lots of energy and is doing great coming together as a team.

Alana Wiggins- God is giving me lots of new friends. I also am protected at the slough.

Zach Marks- God is helping me live through Boot Camp by seeing over me and helping. God helps me get through very hard times and reassures me that I am okay.


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