Italy Backpack — 12013 (7/5/12)

Italy Missions TripIt’s hard to believe that there is only one more day of official Boot Camp before we start packing out to go to Italy. As the classes are wrapping up, the team is preparing their hearts for ministry. The advanced evangelism classes have done a great job of equipping them with the skills for sharing the Gospel. The team is ready and rearing to put these skills to good use! Yesterday (Tuesday), the team was in very good spirits after winning the O.C. (Obstacle Course) and placing in third for the cleanliness award- this is a big improvement. We had blue skies so everyone’s laundry (and boots) have dried out. Today we are on KP (kitchen patrol) so we are helping to serve meals and then clean up afterwards. They all were very hard working! Ahnie, Loncle, Sarah Powell, katie kim and Jonathan Chei did a great job welcoming the campers to the dish line where they wash their dishes. Roni Bosworth, Justin Dowers, Allie Parker, Sarah Melville and Andrew Simonton were very warm and pleasant as they served the meal. Erica Rineard, Ashley Mitchell, Ashley Pies, Mckenzi Mask and Jasmin Booker were hard at work as they washed and dried dishes. Gabby Powell, Caleb Powell, Ashton Will, Day Zee Card, Johnna herd, Deke Pierce and Maddie Sturgeon were diligent in cleaning and sweeping the areas around the kitchen. The team’s hard work was much appreciated by the kitchen crew.

Tonight we will be celebrating the 4th of July with good ol’ American burgers for dinner, some special surprises at rally (like sparklers) and watermelon after the rally. Tomorrow (Thursday) is our last day of normal classes and then we pack out on Friday and Saturday. And then before we know it, we will have the commissioning ceremony followed by a pizza party. Good things are happening as the Lord’s Boot Camp comes to a close! The team has been very encouraged and their spirits are high. Most of the people who were battling a cold last week are better now: Justin Dowers is the only one battling congestion now, but he should be feeling better in a couple of days. We praise the Lord for everything He is doing here and we look forward to what is in store in Italy!

Erica Rinear- The Italy Backpack team has been having such a great experience at Teen Missions Boot Camp! For me personally, homesickness has been pretty tough because I’m so close to my parents, but God’s helping me through it! He’s teaching me so much about him and His plan for my family and I. As a team we have only had one Special Blessing and one time of the ‘Piggy’ award. Sending all my love.

Mckensi Mask- As a team, we have grown much closer since the beginning of Boot Camp. We even won the Obstacle Course yesterday and we got third for the clean award! When I first go here, I struggled with homesickness and feet pains, but through God, the amazing Italy Backpack team and my fantabulous leaders, I have, for the most part, gotten over these things. Happy Independence Day!


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  1. Hey Ashleigh and Powells,
    Exciting times! Blessings, grace and peace to all.

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