Kilimanjaro — 12011 (7/5/12)

Greetings from the Kilimanjaro Backpack team! The team is looking forward to the cool brisk air of Africa in their winter time. It has been hot, relatively dry, which is a nice break from the heavy rain Boot Camp had been experiencing. Four more days to go until we are on our way to Tanzania, Africa. The team is ready to put the skills learned here at Boot Camp to use out on the front lines of missions in the heart of Africa. They are also looking forward to learning new things during their time spent overseas. Please pray for our team as we prepare to pack out and gear up to leave Boot Camp and enter into the mission field.

Jill Geyer- At Boot Camp I’ve definitely been seeing God help me through my struggles such as homesickness, a wet tent and being dirty all of the time. Our team really encourages me too! With only three more days until Commissioning, I’m getting really excited. Boot Camp is an awesome place, but I’m really ready to leave and go to the field. Please pray for safe travel.

Colton Dunham- Boot Camp is one of those things that everyone dreads. Now I was pretty excited about it myself. I really enjoyed Boot Camp, even though there are some very difficult events and surroundings that make Boot Camp what it is. It’s one of those things I would never do different. It’s taught me how to make new friends, how to step out of my comfort zone and gives me a chance to spread the love of Jesus.



  1. Kilimanjaro parents/grandparents/interested parties are welcome to join the Facebook parent page for the team. Search for “Kilimanjaro Parent Page 2012” or send a message to Crystal Norton Thomas. There are photos and much useful discussion going on.

  2. Heather Michelle

    We’re praying for you team Kilimanjaro!
    ps..I think the photo is from another year’s team..this doesn’t look like our bunch of kids

  3. Crystal Thomas

    Just want to let those interested that there is a Kilimanjaro Parent Page 2012 on Facebook. It’s an open group so please join. We are sharing pictures and letters with each other as we pray for the Kilimanjaro Backpacking team.

  4. Crystal Thomas, teammate Sarah’s mom, has kindly started a parent page for this trip on facebook. If you are a family of a team member who desires to be added, please indicate in the comment fields here. We have about 7 teens who are not currently represented. The page allows us to encourage one another to pray for the team as they are in the field.

  5. Beth — The photo on this update is last year’s Kilimanjaro team, I think? It’s not the 2012 team anyway. Could you update the photo? 🙂 Thanks!!

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