Montana — 12030 (7/5/12)

Montana Missions TripOur team is doing really good. We won the swimming pool by competing in a brainstorming competition. Nothing more refreshing than swimming in a cool pool on a hot day. Everyone is in good health and the team’s attitudes have been getting better and better. I praise the Lord for this team and how God is using them.

Erika Holmes- Hey everyone! So today we got to go swimming because we won brainstorming! Mostly everyone on the team got over the slough. Well, happy 4th of July to all the families out there.

Alexandra Brantly- I’m having so much fun here in Florida! Today we got to swim in the pool because we won the brainstorming award. I miss everyone but am doing fine.


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  1. Kathy (Burdick) White

    Yea Montana! You deserved the nice refreshing pool so I hoped you all enjoyed it. Just one more day and on to new and exciting challenges. Just remember God will meet you at your point of need. When we are weak He is strong. Trust in Him.

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