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Happy (belated) 4th of July!We intended on sending you all a 4th of July greeting yesterday, but we have been having some internet problems here at the base.The team celebrated a festive 4th of July yesterday.  They sang the national anthem to the Russian team members before they ran the OC, enjoyed apple crisp for dinner, and had a bonfire with the Russian teens to introduce them to roasted marshmellows.  It was lots of fun.The Boot Camp is winding down here.  Tomorrow is commissioning for the Russians.  Two teams will travel to area communities and one will remain here on the base with us to do sports evengelism and work projects in the community.  The team has really bonded with the Russian teens and I know we will all be sad to see them go, although we were delighted to discover that we will be able to reconnect one last time when the return for debreif as our stay overlaps for two days of their Debreif.The team was able to go out and play a soccer game with the Russian Preteen team.  The Preteens were anxious to join the Americans in a match.  Everyone had lots of fun.  We were disapointed to discover that we will not be able to play in the stadium in Shadrinsk (the large city near the base) because they require that the team wear soccer cleates & not our work boots.  Please continue to pray that God will open doors for soccer or volleyball games in the community where we can share the Gospel.

The team has been busy around the Russia base.  Outside of presenting various classes daily and judging the OC, they have been working at clearing a massive field (over 6′ tall) to install a fence to surround the base.  They have also been brainstorming some new obstacles to install on the OC.  They have most of the material to build a large “4 D’s” obstecle which will involve swinging tires and a “12 Apostles” obstecle which requires to team members to leap over 12 saw horses.

The team has been asked to visit an Orthodox church this Sunday to share.  Please pray for us as we do our presentation there.



  1. FYI – When visiting the Orthodox Church, the members cross themselves with their hands during most of the services, and new comers or visiters are not expected to follow, so dont feel awkward if you see them doing this. It is a simple part of their participation during the service. If you choose to do the cross with your hands you may, but there is a certain way to follow. Use the first 3 fingers of your right hand only, begin at forehead to bellybotton to right shoulder then to left shoulder. Perhaps Christian or Anton can find out more by asking. I beleive that before going inside any church, christians should pray and ask God to forgive us of our sins, so that we come into the house of the Lord with a clean heart, and have God’s protection as we sing him our praises and prayers. I pray that your team considers the power of prayer and uses it often. God Bless you !

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