Southern Sudan —12005 (7/5/12)

The South Sudan team is now in Koboko, Uganda, near to the borders of South Sudan and Congo. On Sunday the team thought that all the duffel bags had arrived, but it seems that miscommunication or misunderstanding had occurred and actually three bags still had not arrived. These members agreed that it was important for the team to move on to our destination, and so we traveled from Jinja to Koboko. The three team members have purchased clothes, a blanket and personal cleaning items at the local market to replace what was lost. The five days that the team spent in Jinja was valuable as they were able to do three days of physical work there.
The plan is set to enter South Sudan tomorrow.  We will leave at 10 a.m. and should arrive in Yei by the mid-afternoon.  The Uganda TMI leaders, Justin and Shannon O’Hara, will accompany us and assist us in the construction of the school building.
Kasten Brown-The other day I helped two BMW (Bible and Missionary Work) students to plaster a wall. It surprised me how easy and simple it was. It was a joy to work with the Ugandans. I love it here in Africa.”

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