Trinidad — 12031 (7/5/12)

Trinidad Missions TripHappy 4th of July everyone! Commissioning is in three days. Teams are already starting to take Boot Camp down, because tomorrow, Thursday, will be the last day of classes. On Friday and Saturday we will be packing up. It is going to be very busy the next few days. As of today, the Trinidad team is having their work day. They are constructing a sidewalk. Making the form and making it level, and then pouring the concrete. Please pray for all the teams as they start to pack, that it will be easy and no problems. Thank you for your prayers!

Lydia Stuver- We are having so much fun during our last few days of Boot Camp. Today we are pouring a sidewlak. Our job came to a halt when it started raining, but we made good use of the time waiting for it to stop by practicing our music. We are celebrating the fourth of July…one of our last major festivities before leaving for Trinidad. Five more days!

 Sarah Peterson- Wow! These past few days have been so much fun! Just today we were trying to build a sidewalk and it started raining! So the girls let down their hair and took a ‘shower’! Then when it started pouring, we all stood around, two boys in a wheelbarrow, and sang songs! It was so much fun! We work together so well as a team. I can’t imagine having a better time! I wouldn’t trade my team for the world! XOXO to Trinidad!



  1. Gracemarie Peters

    I created a FaceBook Group for the team. Parents, we can chat, post photos, etc.

    TMI Trinidad 12031

  2. Thanks for keeping the homefront updated! So excited to see your commissioning service and watch you get on your way to trinidad! Hope you had a happy Birthday Haley! We are so proud of you and know its been hard with your pant situation, keep your chin up. The fire is 95% contained and almost all the homeowners have been able to return home….safe travels to trinidad!we love you! Dad,Mom,Karrah,Briana,and Riley

  3. We love you Alexis, so very proud of you. I noticed other members from your team and other teams are from CO, it’s finally starting to rain some and the fires are fading. No worries! Love you girl and I miss your face. Oh and thank you for not writing you were hurt, your right I would freak out lol!!! Mama

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