Uganda Film — 12026

Uganda Missions TripHappy Independence Day everyone! Despite the bit of thundering, the weather at Boot Camp is wonderful. Commissioning is just around the corner and a lot of work is getting done to get Boot Camp cleaned up. The team has had some new classes. They have enjoyed Puppets but it is safe to say the new class they have enjoyed the most is Film class.

Taylor Adams- In Film class I’ve learned a lot about different techniques to film. I really enjoy learning about the HD qualities and I look forward to how this class will benefit me in Uganda. Boot Camp has proven to be difficult but also beneficial for my relationship with God.

With Boot Camp being so close to the end, the team has been really focused on going to Uganda and the ministry experiences they will have there.

Nick Picerno- I ‘m super excited. It’s like unreal, because I never thought I would go to a place that far, especially Africa. I’m just curious to see what God is going to do when we get there and most definitely will be ecstatic to see the outcome of our ministry there. I’m sure it’ll be a major shock. I’m a little scared and nervous but I’m glad I made the decision to go. I feel like if I had never decided to go, it would just keep eating at me.

The rest of the team is well and looks forward to going to Uganda very soon. God bless you all. Prayer requests: good health and safety, travel safety, for all the bags to arrive, team unity, protection against homesickness, wisdom and dry tents.


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