Zambia OA — 12026

Zambia Missions TripGreetings from the Lord’s Boot Camp! This week the team has been finishing up their bike training, everyone is doing very well. Classes have been very rewarding and each team member has learned something new. Everyone is looking forward to commissioning and counting down the days til we arrive in Zambia! We are all looking forward to ministering with the circuit riders in the Copper belt region of Zambia. We will be witnessing to hundreds of orphans and putting our Boot Camp classes and skills to work! Ryan Bowman, Beth Croyle, Susan Dempsey, Adam Frisch, madeline Hitri, Caleb Mattatall, Timothy McDougald, Mindy Potter, Matthew Pound, Benjamin Schumacher, Joanna Valentine and Zac Wright send their love and we all are praying for you!

Looking forward to what god is going to do in Zambia and in each one of our lives!

Joanna Valentine- Boot Camp has been different than I imagined so far. Not in a bad way, but actually quite the opposite. I see the Lord working in my team members and myself, through teamwork, prayer and our interaction with other teams. God has really put an attitude of service and love in my heart for the people around me. The hardest part of it has been my diet, which I struggle with since I’m around people eating everything that I can’t. I didn’t think it would affect anything, but I’m having to trust in God with it. And I’m continually seeing His providence in that area. Praise God for this trip and how it’ll affect my team and my own life for eternity!!

Zachary Wright- Hey everyone! So far Boot Camp is pretty fun! I am learning a lot in the classes and riding the motorcycles is a lot of fun! I was able to talk to someone who went to the BMW (Bible, Missionary and Work Training Center) which is really nice because it gave me a lot of information about the school and gave me a good idea of what it was like. I am extremely excited to go to Zambia and work with the AIDS orphans. It will be a very great learning experience. All of your prayers are greatly appreciated. Thank you all for the support.


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