Zambia Water Filters — 12021 (7/5/12)

Zambia Missions TripZambia Water Filter team is doing well and is getting very excited about commissioning night coming up in three days. The team woke up to hearing a leader from the Trinidad team singing the Star-Spangled Banner at the top of his lungs at 5:30 this morning, and to fireworks being set off at Rapture Practice at 6:00 AM. Needless to say, they have had a fun start to their 4th of July! Last night the team finally wont the cleanliness award. The team has come in second place three times in a row. So, they are super excited to get to swim in the pool for an hour because of winning. The team was also very happy on Sunday because Teen Missions celebrated Canada day.

Please remember to keep the teens and their leaders in your prayer. Pray that they continue in the good fight and do not grow weary in doing good. The team is overall doing good, but continue to pray for them to be strengthened and encouraged in the rest of their time here and in Zambia.

Marianna Potts- I was so excited that they celebrated Canada day. I did not expect them to put so much effort into celebrating Canada day. (Marianna is one of the seven Canadians on the team!)

Aliyah Whitehill- This experience is definitely not a vacation. I have to rely on the Lord a lot more here. There are a lot of things I can’t do, so it’s been good leaning on the Lord for those things.


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  1. Marianna hasn’t phoned yet, tho her flight left Florida today. There is a chance that the line was busy or that her phone card wouldn’t work. I know they have a long lay over in Washington. Will she be able to phone from there? We missed Barbara’s call when the team left for Zimbabwe because of work and not understanding her flight schedule, and it is hard to take, so please tell me that I’ll still have a chance to speak to Marianna before she heads overseas!

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