Germany — 12007 (7/6/12)

Greetings from Siloah Camp in Neufrankenroda, Germany!  The TMI team 12007, Germany Camp, led by David and Stephanie Spindler, Natalie Ressler, and Josh Marshall send greetings to all in Jesus’ name!
The work on our main project is progressing well – the exterior walls of the building are nearly fully prepared for the addition of the board siding, which has been received. The secondary project, removing fiberglass insulation from an upper room, was quickly and easily accomplished. This past Monday, July 2, was a presentation for a large group of primary school children here at Siloah, and the team passed out all the German/English Good News coloring books.
Weather, as is common in Germany in summer, has been a mixed bag – some sun, some cloudy, some rain – temperatures cool overnight and mild days, unless the sun is out and then it gets hot.
Our outstanding experience for Monday through Wednesday of this week was already mentioned on Monday – our presentation to the primary school children. Also, the team had the opportunity, through the generosity of Siloah, to make pottery (either on the wheel, or by slab method) and to hand dip candles. Everyone enjoyed it immensely.
Our goals and future plans are to continue working on our project, putting on the wood siding and framing windows, and there are also plans for a couple more evangelistic presentations in the next week or so.
“Since coming to Germany we have moved along very nicely on our project. The past couple days have been over cast and kind of dreary. It’s hard to stay encouraged and to be encouraging when the weather’s bad but everzone has done really well. We are all trying to be super encouraging even when we don’t feel encouraged. I feel that the team has bonded really well and that these bonds will be able to stand through a lot.  A couple dazs ago we had a reallz bad storm and we had to move into a building but we are now moved back into our tents and all is well.”  Esther Tjoelker


  1. Would like to wish our daughter Cassie a Happy Birthday today. Praying that she has a good day overflowing with blessings and remembers that she is loved. How fun to have a birthday in Germany!! Thanks for the updates from the team. Love, D & M, N, A, B, J, & K

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