Ireland — 12006 (7/6/12)

Greetings from the Ireland team!  Things have been busy here in Charleville.  If you don’t know, Charleville, is the name of the residence that houses Ireland Outreach.  This week Charleville has been full of the sounds of a team hard at work.  The team has completed two of the three courses of stucco on the tool shed.  Michael Timmons has surprisingly stood out as one of our best stucco worker.  Others have been preparing the footers, building forms, and cutting steel for the octagon shaped gazebo foundation we are pouring.  In addition to these exciting projects our missionary has added other projects for the team to complete.  One is digging six feet down next to the front wall to install protection from the tree roots growing into it.  Cyrus Duell enthusiastically tackled this project, and has made good progress cutting through all the tree roots.  The other project is to plant 39 rose bushes, five fruit trees, and three decorative trees including a 12 foot tall cedar tree.  It is quite a bit of work, but I think the team is up for it.  Please pray for good weather as we tackle these projects for the Lord.
On Sunday’s and Wednesday’s the team has had the opportunity to participate in a mission church in Dublin run by the staff of Ireland Outreach.  The have been able use the puppet and music skills to minister to those in the church.  This Sunday we plan to have some team members share their testimony, which I hope will be a great encouragement to the church.  We are also planning to do some outreach on the streets of Dublin in the coming week.  Please pray for the souls of the people that God brings our way.
Here is a testimony of Amaris Polyblank about her time here in Ireland.
   “In Ireland we have been doing a lot of digging. We have been digging a foot deep and foot wide trench, because we are going to be laying cement. There is already some cement down in an octagon shape, but we are going to be adding onto that.  We are going to be filling in the middle of the octagon, which was originally supposed to be a firepit. We are also plastering a shed building.  If we get these done we will then do landscaping.  We have also been doing a lot of Bible memorization, devotion time, and library reading time.  I really like the book I’m reading.  It’s about Gladys Aylward and her adventures to China.  It has taught me that even though you keep going through trial after trial and it feels like the worst time of your life, if you trust and believe in God he is always there with you no matter what. And he will help you through those trials. The weather here in Ireland has been between the 50’s and 70’s in the day and at night around the 30’s.  I like the weather here.  It is kind of like the weather in Michigan, so this feels amazing.  I am so glad I came on this trip.  It has been the most amazing time of my life.”


  1. Jerry and Rebecca Putnam

    We are so blessed to read of the accomplishments you and your team and making. Keep up the good work in His Name. We pray for you everyday and are eager to see you on August 2. And, enjoy that weather. It’s 101 in the shade here in Texas!
    We love you,
    Omah and Papa

  2. Go team Ireland!!!! It sounds like so much is getting done and that you are working really hard!! So proud of you all. The weather sounds glorious there. Here in the states we have had record breaking heat across most of the US, which you experienced some of at boot camp, but things have REALLY heated up since you left! 30 degrees at night is sounding pretty fantastic to most of us right noew. We continue in prayer for you all. A shout out and a hug to my Lydia!!!

  3. Alex, I’m so happy for you. You look like your having a wonderful time! I love and miss you so much!
    I love you, dad

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