Australia — 12070 (7/5/12)

Our team has been learning to do the Obstacle Course better and better. Tuesday, they let us go over the wall first, so that was our first chance to actually go over the wall- and we got all but one over the wall! Yippee! Micah, our tallest and Caleb, our shortest, both found the wall to be just fine! The past two days have been very hot and humid so we’ve been learning to drink and drink and drink water. Parents, they do know how to drink water and the appreciate it. Emily and Chloe took our flag to hang on the pole for winning clean award and the brainstorming Tuesday night! Today is the USA’s birthday and it began with some sparklers! Hamburgers for supper! We can’t wait to finish Boot Camp and begin our mission trip!

Caleb- I like making it over the slough! James- the cowboy speaker had cool ropes and ships when he did trick’s at the rally. Jason and Carter both say the obstacle course is great! Carter got his guitar! Yeah!


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  1. Hoping to hear the Australia team made it there safely. Still looking forward to that first correspondence! Hope you can take the time during your busy schedule to write home! Praying for you all to be a blessing down under!


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