Canada — 12072 (7/5/12)

We have just one more full day of a regular schedule, and more importantly to the kids, just two more Obstacle Course runs. Yesterday we started block laying and puppet classes. We also swam the water obstacle course, and enjoyed free time in the pool as a result of winning the ‘Miss Piggy’ award. Today the world map activity replaced the O.C. (Obstacle Course), much to the kids’ delight. It is a giant, on-the-ground puzzle that tests their geography skills. Some of the larger countries were split into several pieces. We failed to get Canada together! The evening speakers seem to challenge the team members, with several preteens going forward each night. The speaker for tonight is Mok Mok, a real-life cowboy who captures their attention through dress and roping demonstrations, relating it all to Biblical principles. Overall, the team continues to learn about each other, and about working together. Everyone is looking forward to departing for Canada.

Lauren- It’s been hard, but I know the Lord’s pushing me through it. And the team has become like a family to me.

Samantha- I’ve had more fun this year than ever before, but it’s hard. I enjoy my team, but we can get a little crazy sometimes!


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  1. Praying for you as you start the project in Canada!
    Anne J

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