Indiana — 12071 (7/5/12)

Boot Camp has been going great. Monday, Alan, Nate, Elijah and Lucas practiced puppets along with Ellie, Elise, Rebecca, Jessica and Zach, who did the motions/dance. Sean did the sound for the songs. We began our special training for TTT. We learned about what we will be going at the fairs. The kids will be handing out ice water, taking surveys and presenting the Gospel to their peers. We’ve also been blessed with other classes such as Noah’s Ark, water obstacle course and a tour through the Display Room. We received ‘Miss Piggy’ award again and cleaned the bathrooms. We served the other Preteens supper on Monday as well. We are learning to pray and encourage one another each day. At Boot Camp tonight we are celebrating Independence Day.

Lucas- God has taught me to be respectful and has brought me closer to Christ.

Elise- God helped me raise money for this trip. God helped me share the Gospel to my neighbor and my cousin and helped them accept Christ.


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  1. Thank you for keeping us updated! So much fun to read what the kids are doing. I hope you’ll continue to update when you get to Indiana.

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