Malawi Preteen — 12074 (7/5/12)

Four days to go! The Malawi team is getting super excited to be leaving Boot Camp. It will be winter in Africa and the team is looking forward to the cooler weather. The team is excited that today will be the last day of the Obstacle Course since Thursday we run the World Map.

The kids are already starting to ask lots of questions about Malawi, traveling and the food! It is a joy to see your kids getting excited about serving the Lord!

Please pray that the rain will stay away. It can be very hard to get a team packed when it is raining. God has been so good at keeping our team healthy. Some of them have sore feet, but they don’t let it stop them from keeping up. Thank you for letting us have your children for the summer. We, as leaders, are excited to see what god is going to do in their lives. Lord willing, our next report will come from Malawi.

Note to parents: Kids from the East Coast will be calling on Sunday morning from the Orlando Airport. Midwest kids will be calling you from our stop in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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