Malawi Preteen — 12074 (7/3/12)

Praise the Lord! Your children are doing so well. We have been blessed now with four days of gorgeous sunshine. Today was our third day of running the Obstacle Course. The team did very well.The Malawi team is doing great on the O.C. They have been the first Preteen team to reach the wall, two of the three days!

So far we have had a carpentry class and digging class so we will be ready to minister to the orphans by building a garden. Go hard hats and gloves! We have also had puppet and choreography classes so we can minister through puppets to the orphans. Everyone on the team has had a chance to do the hand motions, to hold the stage and to work with the puppets. On Friday, the team had the privilege of going to the Bush Sunday School with Mrs. Maher. We learned that the orphans often have only a small pole barn-type building and may wait a long time for the circuit teacher. The lesson was on Jonah and the team was able to color a small coloring sheet with small crayons just like the ‘Bush’ students do. The team had great fun learning games to play with the orphans including ‘Duck, duck, goat’!

On our first run of the Obstacle Course, Daniel was out front flag and May was our back runner. Shyann came up with our first team cheer and Jeremiah came up with our second. They were both great. The Malawi team won our first pre-teen cleanliness award. An honorable mention shout-out to Nadia, John and Aliza. Thank you team. Of course the next day we got the ‘Pig’ award. The team has had a fun time wearing our ‘I live like a pig’ signs. And, yes, the leaders wear them too.

The team got to raise up our team flag! A shout-out to Gabriella, John, Aliza and Daniel for doing the Malawi flag in the center. And to the whole team for signing it. Bethany has demonstrated such sensitivity at the rallies. She has expressed an interest in future music ministry. Ethan went up front in rally and named off almost everyone on our team. Go Ethan. Janae is getting much better at the O.C. and has such a great smile and attitude. Alex was great in our puppet class and has done a good job participating in rallies. Seth made it over the big rope ladder today! Good job, Seth! Ms. Merritt had a rough day yesterday but drank some water and she is doing great now.




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