China enroute! 12019

Just wanted you to know that we made it safely to Toronto. We were
surprised to have to go through customs since we are in transit.

A retired Publix employee was on the flight and was so excited to see
our Publix “personal bags”. He insisted on a picture!

We all enjoyed the goodies last night at the Orlando Airport. Caroline
Ray’s (leader) parents rented a hotel room so that everyone could get
a shower. What a blessing!!!! They also supplied tooth brushes, socks
and other “goodies”.

Everyone is REALLY tired and looking forward to the 13 1/2 hour flight
to Beijing.

Please continue to pray for safe travels and our health!


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  1. Any China parent interested in joining our parent facebook group go to: Teen Missions International China 2012. We share info with one another. It really helps while our kids are away.

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