Malawi Guitar in Dowa District

We are really struggling with internet at the base!!!! The team is in Chipeni village,

Dowa district at the House of Peace Orphan Rescue Unit

at the moment. They went there yesterday afternoon, leaving from Chikwathu village,
Mangochi district, from Heart of Faith Orphan Rescue Unit in the morning, shortly
after breakfast, had lunch together in Chipoka, went shopping together in Salima, then
they headed to Dowa and me to Chipoka. They were excited about the new place, though
they felt they left newfound friends behind in Mangochi area.

In Salima the team picked up more food, like fresh green beans, fresh sweet peas,
bananas and papayas, and candles for the village, not to struggle when serving food
and cleaning up the kitchen in the dark. Even breakfast is made in the dark, as the
sun doesn’t come up before 6:00-6:15 AM, and our breakfast is normally at 6:30.

The team is coming back to Chipoka on Monday, to be able to pick up the Preteen US
team that is arriving on Tuesday, with the same truck. Our leaders for our national
preteen Boot Camp are arriving on Sunday, so next week is a very busy week for us
here, in Chipoka Base. Our team members are excited to partake in the Malawi Preteen
Boot Camp, teaching classes for them, like guitar, drama, puppet, and control classes
in the afternoon eg. Riding bikes.

The next email will be written probably on Monday or Tuesday but it may not be sent until Wednesday, depending on what time
they will get here to Chipoka. We only
have internet between 3:30 to 6:00PM. Power has been also out here at the base, so just pray for us
for good communication.

We praise the Lord for keeping us safe and secure, and giving us lots of opportunities to
share the Gospel and the love of God with the nationals and have the chance for us
leaders to make an impact in the lives of our team members as well. We enjoy doing it.
The team also received their first mail in country yesterday, it was Becky’s birthday.
Another cake! Yeah!


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