Russia Boot Camp – 12010

Hello from the Russia team-

It has been an exciting few days around the Teen Missions Russia base.
On Friday we had the opportunity to celebrate the commissioning of
about 30 Russian teens who have now headed out on three seperate
mission trips in the local region.  We have been blessed to have the
largest team remain here at the base and work alongside us in the
local area.  We have already schedule 2-3 soccer matches, several
construction based projects and a Vacation Bible School to be
conducted in the community.  It’s hard to believe that with a little
over two weeks left here in Russia we seem to be adding more work to
our plate instead of less.

This week the team continued work on clearing a field on the property
for the installation of a boundary fence.  We have not received word
whether we have permission to intall it, although if we are unable to
we have plenty of other projects before us which we can complete.

Today the team visited a Russian Orthodox church in Shadrinsk.
Although the worship style was quite different from that which many
were acustomed to, they enjoyed learning about the rich cultural
heritage that the Russian Orthodox church holds here in this country.
The priest at the church considers himself an evangelical and took the
time after the service to explain to the team the differnt ways that
they worship and answer questions that the team had.  I’m sure many of
them will not forget this day.

After the service the team had the opportunity to travel into the main
part of Shadrinsk and visit the outdoor market and fruit/vegtable
stands.  The team enjoyed purchasing cold drinks and ice cream while
they explored the Russia culture.

Tomorrow the team will be waking up early to travel into Shadrinsk to
work for two days at the Holy Trinity Church, a Penocostal Church we
visited last week.  The church is in the middle of a major renovation
work and are planning on building a second floor onto their building
which they will be operating a youth center.  The team will be working
on removing a brick wall so that the renovations can continue.  After
we complete this project we will be joining the Russian team in
conducting a VBS in our local village.

We appreciate all of your prayers for the team.  The kids are enjoying
getting to know the Russian team members and enjoy sharing meals and
freetime together.  The weather has cooled off the past few days (now
highs in the 70’s) which has been an added relief from last weeks’
highs in the 90’s.

Now some words from the team….

“This past week, I’ve learned a lot.  For example that there is an ‘A’
instead of a “Y” at the end of the pharse ‘I love God’ in Russian.  At
the beginning of boot camp I was struggling with God’s plan for my
life and really the realization that I didn’t know what they were (and
still don’t).  But God has shown me that trusting Him can be as easy
as rembering that there is an ‘A’ instead of a ‘Y’ at the end of the
phrase ‘I love God’ in Russian” – Hannah Summy

“The day was spent walking through the streets of Shadrinsk wearing
out boots and skirts.  We had the opportunity to go to an Orthodox
Church.  The insence filled our noses as we walked through the
beautiful intricate iron work.  I was reminded of the jewish temple.
The first ‘room’ held paintings and candles, but it was the further
inner room I was interested in.  The room where heavenly music came
from.  The room where the priest in his green and gold robes was
reading from a book (Bible?) in a sing-song voice.  The women around
us with heads covered crossed themselves and bowed every few minutes.
It was an amazing experience.  One I will always remember.”  – Lilly

“This morning (Sunday) as our team traveled into Shadrinsk for church
my love for Russia was bumped up one or two more notches.  The culture
and the people fascinate me.  Though not to judge, the people here
seem desperate for something (God) and I would love to be able to stay
here for a few months and spread the Gospel, watch the people (no not
in a creeper way) and learn from them.  I don’t know, maybe this is
where God wants me in a few years.” – Levi Mosby



  1. I myself go on missions with the Red Cross. I understand how your feelings are all new. Each time I am sent out I meet different people with a need of God to answer them in all the destruction that has happened to them. Why did it happen to me? What did I do wrong that God did this to me? Lots of prayers and a lot of hugs help a lot!

    Bless all of you for all that you do.


  2. Terry and Karen Whitehill

    What a great summary of your recent experiences. Sounds like things are going well. We are praying for all of you, and we wish Erin and Ryan a happy anniversary on July 9! God was putting together a dream team when he introduced the two of you to each other 🙂

  3. Some great opportunities for these young people. Their faith is now their own, not their families’ faith. Experiences that we just can’t provide for them here at home. Thank you, TMI!

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