Cambodia sharing and sightseeing – 12002

Greetings from Cambodia! Friday we went to prison. It was for evangelism or course. How did we end up there? A missionary friend of Ahkim once got a traffic ticket and had to go to court. Long story short, at the end of it all, he obtained permission to hold a weekly Bible study in the drug rehabilitation section of the prison. The young men we met with were between the ages of 15-25. The team sang a few songs, shared a testimony, and some of the Bible School students also shared. At the invitation, 11 men came forward to hear more about Christ.

Saturday we took the day to enjoy Cambodia. We visited an enormous man-made lake behind Angkor Wat. The team enjoyed spending a few dollars buying bracelets, hammocks, purses and other things for sale at the shops. Then we went for a tour of a working Silk Worm Farm. We got to see how they collect and raise caterpillars, harvest the cocoons, spin the thread, dye it and weave the patterns into the cloth.

Then we drove down to Tonle Sap, a huge lake that stretches from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh. We took a boat tour out to see the floating village. Along the way we saw lots of floating houses, a church, a school and even a floating basketball court. Fishermen were out with their nets and women were in small boats with their kids. One girl even jumped on our boat with a basket of sodas for us to buy. Another family brought a snake to us to hold and we were able to take pictures. We stopped at a crocodile farm to stretch our legs.

In the evening we did our souvenir shopping at the night market. In the middle of Siem Reap, the night market is lit up with lots of neon signs and christmas lights. It is the gathering place for tourists for sure. We spent over two hours going from shop to shop. At the end of the evening the team decided to try a fish pedicure. They all sat around a large tank of fish and soaked their feet for twenty minutes as the fish nibbled away at the dead skin on their feet.

On our way back to the base, Ahkim said there is one more thing our team needs to try while in Cambodia, baby duck. It is a local treat that is supposed to give you energy. Just before the egg is to hatch, they boil the egg, crack off the top, drink the juice and then they eat the baby duck. They say it tastes like an egg. I didn’t try it:)

Sunday morning we again split up into two groups. One group walked to a nearby church did a presentation for the children then enjoyed a service led by a visiting group of Australians. The other group rode in the truck to the church next to Angkor Wat. They were in charge of running the whole children’s program. The team has learned the song “This is the Day” in Khmer, so they sang it this morning. After lunch it was one group on bicycles going to visit two orphanages and the other group traveled out to a village to run a Bible club.

Everyone is healthy. The weather continues to be very hot, we look forward to the rain each day. Monday morning we plan to visit Angkor Wat. We will continue ministry here all week and at the end of the week we are planning to move to the Boot Camp location in Kampong Chanong.

It seems everyday we have something new to learn and someone new to talk with! One of the days we actually went to a Prison for recovery drug addicts to have on Evangelism presentation! It was very successful, out of about 20 or so of the men, 11 came to know Christ! Exciting days have been happening indeed, on the 7th we went sightseeing at a floating village and saw a silk worm farm, both were very cool! After the sightseeing we were able to go do some shopping at the Night Market! Once we were all done our crazy bargaining and became all sweaty we kicked back at a Fish Tank where we could put our feet in the water to let the fish feed on one dead skin. It sounds as weird as it felt! I wonder what tomorrow will bring…?

Elsie Anne-Time is flying by here in Cambodia. We took yesterday off for sightseeing and souvenir shopping and are back to teaching evangelizing. It felt odd to be tourists for the day. We also received our first mail today (thank you, mommy!). My prayer is that it would take each day as God gives it, and not look beyond… doing so would only distract us, and make me regret leaving.

Larissa Pingley-As my goal on this trip is to get at least one person to Jesus. Other goals are out in comparison. Many of us had a chance to reach out to different people. Otherwise everyday when we evangelize we make out the roads to be an adventure. The roads are completely without lanes. I have seen only one wreck surprisingly. Praise God Dre got her passport and came to us.

Peter Demos- I have recently had the chance to eat Baby Duck! It was the most righteous sensation my taste buds experienced since being in Cambodia. We also went on a boat ride where we saw many “floating villages.”

Curtis Bates-Yesterday we did some sightseeing and souvenir shopping. We toured a silk farm, and we were able to see how silk is made. We later went on a boat ride to the floating village. There were floating houses all along the bank of the lake, and we got to see some crocodile. When we went souvenir shopping, we were able to get the dead skin eaten off of our feet by those little fishes. We ate those duck eggs that they boil right before they hatch. They tasted surprisingly good. I forgot to mention that we were able to go to a prison to do our presentation and it went very well.

Leah Hems- I finally felt like a tourist when we visited a silk farm and went on a boat tour to see the floating village. We also spent many hours buying our Cambodian merchandise for our friends and family back home as well as things for ourselves. Today, we have gotten back into our normal routine of ministering to the children of Cambodia. We have been blessed with the opportunity of being able to visit many different churches and Bible clubs and impacting the lives of many children.

Victoria Profio- On Friday, we (our team and BMW students) went to a prison to share the gospel to men from about ages 17 to 25. Before we headed over there and shared through testimonies, music presentation and played games, we prayed that at least 1 man would come to know the Lord or at least be interested. After many of us spoke, there was an invitation to be free from “sickness” and darkness. First, two men raised their hands and then half of the twenty raised their hands! Praise the Lord. He definitely was moving in that place.


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