Germany shares at Christian School – 12007

Greetings from the Germany Camp team, 12007, at Siloah in Neufrankenroda, Germany.
Several of the windows in the building we are working on are now framed out and soon we will start adding the board siding. Work is going very well – the team works well together.
Weather has been generally nicer – more sunshine and less rain – for which we are all thankful.
We had a few outstanding events the last few days: F
irst was the presentation in the Christian school, followed by an opportunity to walk around one of the platzes in Gotha and do a bit of shopping. On Saturday, the team was invited to a barbeque in honor of those who will complete their one year at Siloah this summer. Great food and fun.Sunday morning, we and Burt from Siloah did a service for local youth who are unchurched. We shared in music, drama, and puppets, Burt gave a Bible lesson, and we passed out tracts and Good News coloring books, too. All the children are from non-believing homes. We pray the seed we planted will bear fruit in their lives.

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