Ireland Digging, mixing, hammering – 12006

Digging, mixing hammering… all day long the Ireland team is busily completing their projects here at Ireland Outreach.  

On Saturday we worked on our projects in the morning.  After lunch we hiked to a local beach called Sandy Cove.  A few of the teammembers were  brave enough to get in the frigid Irish Sea.  We also ejoyed Teddy’s famous icecream cones and a belated 4th of July picnic lunch at the Dunlaughrie Harbour.

Sunday morning we traveled by train and car to the church we are attending here Fairview Hall.  The team had the opportunity to Share God’s love through a puppets and music presentation during the church service.  The Irish people were really blessed by it. After a late lunch the team worked on their Bible memory verses and held a team quizzing competition.

We now have two weeks left to complete our projects.  Please pray for our team to be productive in the coming days.  Please pray for the rain to hold off as well.  Pray for continued safety, good health and continued spiritual growth.

Testimony by: Rebecca Gilbert

Hi Everyone!

Ireland is so beautiful.  It is green everywhere.  So far I have learned how to build a platform for a gazebo.  I am also learning how to stucco, a very messy job.  I have learned so much about liivng a life fully committed to God while being here.  It’s amazing how being away from everything changes how you think about life.  My teammates are my family, its amazing how close we all have become in just a few weeks.  I don’t want to leave Ireland because people here are so sweet.  But I also can’t wait to get home because being here makes me realize how much I appreciate everything God has given me.

Testimony by: Michael Timmons

Ever since I have arrived at Ireland Outreach I have been assigned to stucco a shed.  I have worked on stuccoing this shed all summer.  At first it was extremely difficult to get the stucco on the shed but now I feel like an expert.  Although my stuccoing skills have increased my faith has increased even more.  Now with my Bible study classes really helping me to think about what I need to improve on.  Being here has really taught me to appreciate all God has given me and that there are people in far worse situations than I am in.  It has also helped me become less angry.  Whenever something bad occurs in my life I’ll stop and think about how God is trying to show me its not all that bad, there is always someone worse off than you.  I love Ireland and I am so glad that God has strengthed me in my faith and taught me how to skillfully stucco and shed.



  1. Paul & Jocelyn Geier

    Understand you were one of the few who went in the water. You have changed so much. I can’t believe you get up at 5:23 without an alarm clock. Who says God doesn’t work miracles…haha

  2. Go team Ireland!! Sounds like things are progressing beautifully! Love hearing your updates and reading the testimonies from the teens! God is at work! Be blessed!!!!
    Donna Frey

  3. Brenda and Steve Ward

    Hi Alex,
    We’re following all of your team’s accomplishments and it’s wonderful what you’re learning and the aid you’re giving. We love you so much. Hope we can see you soon.
    Love you lots…….Grandma and Grandpa Ward

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