Malawi Guitar back in Chipoka – 12001

After about a week in the village, we are back at the base in Chipoka. We got the chance to go and stay at two AIDS Orphans and Street Children Rescue Units one in Mangochi, Heart of Faith and one in Dowa, House of Peace. While we were there we had the opportunity to minister to the local people in the mornings, at markets and open squares with pres

entations then in the afternoon to the children at the units, through presentations and teaching guitar.

The Rescue Units were a lot different for the team than being on the base, there was no electricity or running water. We had to go to wells or boreholes to get water, which for most of the team was a very different experience. Even though it was so different for us all, spirits were high and hearts were changed. The connections made with some of the kids in such a short time, are ones that will last a lifetime.

We are now back in Chipoka and looking at the last half of our team time here in Malawi. The Malawian Preteen Boot Camp is 4 days away, Lord willing the team will be ministring locally during the mornings and during the afternoon will be teaching guitar and some of the classes to the preteens while they are here at Boot Camp.

‘I’ve learned a lot while here in Africa, like always go to the squatty in pairs , hand-sanitizer is your best friend, and even though it is Africa it can get below 40 degrees at night. Haha. One of the most important things I am learning is trusting God more and my own abilities less. Being here and around kids who have so little shows me how blessed we are. I’ve also realized that I want to be involved in children’s ministry. There is still so much to discover.’ -Meredith Chatfie


‘Since we’ve been in Africa, I’ve learned lots! I’m still continually learning to really trust God and reali

zin my lack of ability yet focusing not on my inability but God’s abilities. I’ve been doing a study for the past 3 days on prayer, an

d i

t’s been really cool to see the power and purpose of prayer! A few tips if you ever go to Africa 1) learn to use the squatty… quickly. 2) the bees- are NOT killers (at least in Malawi) and 3) use your time to the fullest because it goes by SO fast! I’ve lov

ed every bit of the mission so far and am excited for the rest.’ -Carli Bennett

The weather in Dowa was much much colder than in Mangochi, Chipoka, and of course Florida. There were hot drinks every morning to warm everyone up though!

God is doing a mighty work here not only in the Malawians hearts but in the hearts of the team. We are very excited to see what He has in store for the next ‘leg’ of our journey.

Thank you again for your prayers!

Chelsea Wininger (leader)



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