Montana stops in Indiana! 12030

Greetings parents of the Montana team. We made it safely to the TTT Ministries in Evansville Indiana. The team was very excited to get hot showers and stay in an air-conditioned building. We had a nice journey from Florida to Indiana. It was neat to see the team members sing praise songs out loud at a rest stop. The cool thing was it was the team member’s suggestion not the leaders. They sang Our God is Greater and My Rock, Sword and Shield. We are blessed to have your kids on our team.
Every team member will have an opportunity to write a part in one of the team reports. The first two people are Alexandra Brantly and Joella Hendrickson.
Written by Alexandra Brantly: I Miss you and love you guys. We have driven through Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and we’re in Indiana right now. I’m having so much fun and I’ve made so many new friends here. We left Saturday night right after commissioning. Can’t wait to see you again! Tell everyone at church I miss them and love them Bunches. Love Always ~Alexandra Brantly <3
Written by Joella Hendrickson: Hey mom and dad! Today we woke up on the bus after driving all night. We stopped for breakfast and lunch, and we drove through the states of Kentucky and Tennessee. We are now at TTT in Indiana. I love you all! ~Joella Hendrickson~

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