New Zealand planting trees – 12009

Yippee, the sun is out.  We were beginning to think we were in England, not New Zealand.  Although at least half the team has had, or currently has a form of a cold, they are all in good spirits.

We wrapped up our tree planting at the park Friday as well as visited another school to perform our puppet show and make balloon animals.

Saturday we put together 30 gift bags which included tracks, seeds to plant veggies, and lollys (candy) and broke up into teams and distributed them to the local neighborhood.  Most were received with warmth. We did experience a few not so friendly welcomes, however.

Saturday night we visited the beach and a few brave (I use the term lightly) went swimming.  Although the water temperature was 48*F, Cody Simmons, Sarah Gerlach and Brianna Blanchard took a dip.

Please continue to prayer for your children each day, as well as the leaders.

Shout outs:

Sarah McNair: Hi mom, dad, Rachel, and friends.
Ainsley steward: hello family and friends!
Brianna McDowell: hi hallie, grey and Garrett.
Brianna Blanchard: hi Jesse. I can’t wait to see you and miss you
Rachel marcy: hey guys I miss you and I am having a blast.
Spencer Oliver: hi nana, mom, dad and skyler.
Cody simmons: hi mom, dad, Joshua.
Jamie Llewelyn: hi mom, dad and David. I love you. David, flick.
Emily Boucher: hi mom, dad, Owen, Hannah, grandma and grandpa.
Daniel shields: I love you mom and dad. Connor have fun without me!
David arvidson: hey John, Eli, Brendan, devin.  I miss you guys.
Tucker langehans: I love you y’all.
Christos McDowell: holla @ my homies in 321
Erin fisher: hey everybody.  I love you and miss you.
Sarah Gerlach: happy birthday to my to two siblings
Zak Pronko: hi mom, dad and Michelle.



  1. Nancy & Blake Franklin

    Dear Sarah,,, Way to go on taking that dip in frigid waters…it sounds like the cold pacific here in California… We’re praying for you and the team.. Blessings.. Blake and Nancy

  2. Lois (from FBC)

    Why am I not surprised that Brianna Blanchard was one who took a “dip” in the (frigid) water!?!?! I miss you soooo much Brianna and need to hear you sing again. Bobby, I and the whole church are praying for you and the whole team. We’ll see you soon! God bless! Lois

  3. Dear Rachel, we love you and we miss you! 🙂 from Noah (when will she be home, mom? – 3 weeks ::big smile::)

  4. Whose backs do we see in the picture?

  5. Adrienne Marcy

    Hope and pray that your whole team will GET OVER that cold, and tell Rachel that the Reese’s peanut butter Easter eggs will probably be gone by the time she gets home. We sure do miss her! (Claire saw your picture on here and smiled really big.) Praying for you all!

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