Salama tompoko from Madagascar – 12008

Salama tompoko! as is the way of gretting people here in Mahajanga Madagascar.

Monday was our first day to do phonics. All were very excited about the classes. Morning works are mainly spent for the Nirina school such as class preparations on teaching phonics, do the actual teachings.  The students at the Nirina school as so eager to learn and are genuinely  attentive to the class. The team members experience their first missionary experience  on the language barrier, the quick reactions of most of them were asking me how to say this, how to say that in malagasy. Then they went on and used their malagasy, everyday as they are teaching phonics  at he Nirina school.  We also had the opportunity to play with kindergarteners, though they were too young for the phonics we had a great time with them by playing. They loved the songs and balloons we presented and loved “follow the leader, duck duck goose, and down by the banks.”

The other things that we have been doing also is teaching drama to the Bible School students of Teen Missions here in Mahajanga, they will be having their Boot Camp soon so we teach them the drama we learned at Boot Camp so they can teach the malagasy kids as they come to attend the Boot-Camp. They are picking the drama very well, we had a great time and many laughs.
During the afternoons, we would go to the small surrounding villages to evangelize.  I could tell that the team were little bit shocked with their first evangelism experience at the villages because at first many were running to see who we are and just the fact of being foreigners and whites are enough to attracts the people especially kids, the funny things was that as we were preaching, all of the sudden many of those who were attending  ran from us and hurried to one direction and we did not know what was going on, later on we learned that the villagers catch a thief, he was stealing a cow and now everyone was attracted to that scene as the mob were taking the man to police. Praise the Lord for those who were attending still and made the gospel message more important. In that first outside evangelism we had 11 decisions for Christ.
On Wednesday in the afternoon we went to another village nearby and the team had a blast playing soccer with some kids then sharing the gospel with them.  We had some of the Bible school students with us so they did most of the gospel talk and also invite them to attend the Malagasy Boot Camp.
On the journey it is a blessing to see the team member growing in loving each other, I think because they all love God in the first place, praise God for they all are having such a servant heart ready to serve,  just to mention Donglin (Linda) Zhang as always active for any activities and never say no, Bradley Sufficool is a hard worker guy and he is thinking of coming back as a leader and I do recommend him already he is like the big brother of the team and some are playing the team younger sister like Jane Young and we all are having fun as a family. Joel Harbin enjoys so much the teaching at school he will make  a good missionary. Courtney Franco is good at  memory verse  quizzing.

The weather is perfect during the day, it gets cooler toward the morning.
Emily Rosak’s testimony: On July 5th we went to a small village in Mahajanga to evangelize to the villagers. After a skit called cages, our leaders Brian James and Liva Rakotomalala began to explain the gospel to teh people. As I was looking around at the people there were these two guys standing behind the group of kids and the one seemed to be very interested in what Liva and Brian began to explain the gospel to the people, as I was looking around at the people, there were two guys two guys standing behind the group of kids and the one seemed to be very interested in what Brian and Liva were talking about. Then his friend walked over and they were taking the whole gospel things as a joke and the one guy who was very interested in the gospel went along with His friends and started to walk away. Then when we were handling out tracks, the one guy who just was going away along with the crowd came up to me to get one of our tracks about the Gospel. He then stated saying something in malagasy and I explain to him that I did not understand what he was saying. When we were all loaded in the truck we took to the villages and were about to leave, I saw the guy who took the track from me sitting down by a tree, with the track open to the page where it explained hoe to get saved and had his eyes closed and hands folded. I was really happy to see that, that one guy walked away from the crowd because he knew that this decisions was very important and life changing. I hope that he can share that word of God with his friends and would be able to go to a church so that he could learn about God.
Mathew Harwen, I have learned so much since being in Madagascar.  I learned how good I have it in America.  Seeing people living in shacks and not wearing shoes . It ua  a very diferent change but It does make me grateful for what I have.


  1. I am so very proud of all you children that have the courage to stand up and obey the call of God. There are many, many adults that not even begin to face the fear and anxiety of leaving their family and going clear across the world leaving behind all the luxuries tha Americans get used to having in order to serve God. I pray that you will continue to remain in His word with His loving arms surrounding you. May God bless you all of your lives and fill your hearts with His love and joy.

  2. Praise God for the lives that will be forever changed! Dear Father please use our children to reach others for you. May their lives also forever be changed!!

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