Canada Has arrived! 12072

After a one-day delay in our flight schedule, the team arrived in Outlook late last night/early this morning.  This was Lauren & McKenzie’s first time flying (at least that they can remember), and they both had a positive experience.  The team had a fun time in the airports looking around at all of the cool shops and eating airport food.  We even saw a cool replica of dinosaur bones.  The team members enjoyed taking pictures. Our first night was spent at our missionary’s house, and breakfast is being prepared as this report is being written.  The cool morning temperature feels great after 9-10 days of heat & humidity from sun-up to sun-down.  Later today we will be making the short trek to the camp to begin setting up & settling in.  Our first major project will be to finalize the public presentation we will be repeatedly making over the next 3 weeks.  The first presentation is scheduled for Thursday at a family Bible camp in session all this week.  There is also a big flower-planting project scheduled for today which will kick-off the landscaping work scheduled for our time here.  The team is excited to finally be in Canada.

Claire:  The highlight of yesterday – “finally arriving in Canada”.  Regarding Boot Camp – “It was hard at first, but I’m glad I did it in the end.”  Looking ahead to our time here – “I’m looking forward to helping Canadians.”

Autumn:  “I’m glad that Boot Camp is over.  I really do miss the classes, though.  I’m excited that we’re in Canada and get to share our testimonies and help save people and bring them the Word of God.”

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