Greetings from Madagascar! 12008

Greetings from Madagascar.

As the word of God is saying that “He is always with us even unto the end of the world” (Matthiew 28: 20) God has proven it as we are living under His protection daily. We are all fine and sound and we want to thank you for those who are faithfully praying for us.
Apart from the regular morning  phonic teaching schedule at the Nirina School, we have been moving towards more  and more efficient evangelism
The first time we evangelize in the nearby villages we started with 11 decisions for Christ, then 59 the next day and last Friday when we had the Jesus film shown to the people there were  about 240 decisions for Christ. Two hours before the Jesus film show, the team were divided in groups and were paired with the Bible School students. They went  to the nearby villages to invite them to come for the Jesus Film. While they were doing this Brian James one of the leader had an opportunity to talk to a family and had 4 decisions for Christ.  Many came to attend the film and according to what we could see all raised their hands and repeat the prayer to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior, we estimated them to be about 240 but it could be more than that as it was dark and we could not really see everyone in the far back but they were there.

Then Saturday was part of our sight seeing day, in that theh team was taken to town for the first time. Everyone got busy trying to find some souvenirs to get home such as wrap skirt, wooden craft, drums, etc… It was time to learn how to bargain, well some tried and got a good deal other are easily giving in, but it was all fun and we went to a Pizza place where everyone enjoyed.
Bradley Sufficool’s Testimony: ” Being here in Madagascar has being really great we have been doing a lot of evangelism. Friday night we did a short presentation and showed the Jesus Film, it made a really big difference in people’s lives. We also got a chance to go to the market Saturday for our first souvenir shopping. I have had a lot of fun so far”.


  1. Any more word from our team in Madagascar? I check every day! Praying them through an amazing Spirit-filled trip!

  2. Praise Jesus!! Sooo happy to hear lives are being eternally changed :))

  3. Great job! We are praying for you.

  4. Great job! We are praying for you. God is working great miracles in your ministry.

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