Sudan Update – 12005

It is Tuesday July 10 and the South Sudan team is at the school
construction site, Goja, 8 miles outside of Yei.  The team traveled
from Koboko to Yei on Thursday, Jul5 5 and stayed at the YWAM (Youth
with a Mission) base overnight.  On Friday the team traveled in two
minivans to Goja.
The community welcomed the team very warmly.  The chief, Makayam Yonda
Nyondo Manas, came to greet them.  One room of the government primary
school was loaned to house the female team members.  The nearby
Episcopal church was opened to house the male members.  The people of
Goja are of the Kakwa ethnic group.
On Saturday July 7 the team finally began construction of the
preschool building.  The land was cleared, the dimensions staked out,
and the digging of the foundation was begun.  The community celebrated
the beginning of the construction by killing and eating a goat, a
rooster and some other foods.
On Sunday morning the team woke up to learn that a 4 year old girl had
died from malaria overnight.  Before church the team walked to the
family’s house to offer their condolences.  This the tradition of the
people in South Sudan.  The team leader of the knelt next to the body
of the dead child and prayed in Arabic and English for God’s mercy on
the child and family.
The team attended the service at the Episcopal Church where they are
staying.  The team introduced themselves and sang 3 songs.
Monday was the first anniversary of the independence of South Sudan.
The team walked 4 miles to a larger town, Mursaki Paiyam, to
participate in the celebration.
Today the team is continuing to dig the foundation.  Cement,aggregate, sand, wood for the frames, nails and other materials have
been purchased this morning and are being delivered to the
construction site.
The team members continue to be deeply affected by their experiences
in Africa.  Team member, Mary Bak wrote:
“The time we’ve spent in Africa has been filled with many memborable
moments.   Although not every day has gone the way we thought it
would, I’m thankful to have had my team members with me through it
all.  Africa is beautiful and I hope to see as much as I can of it in
the next two weeks we are here.  I’m excited for the joyful moments
and the heartbreaking moments God has for us.”


  1. We continue to hold up this team in our daily prayers, knowing that God is at work. How heartbreaking to witness the grief of an African community as it faces the loss of one of their children. I trust that the presence of Jesus in this team will do much to give peace and strength to those they touch.

  2. It broke my heart to read of the 4 year old child that died. How hard for the family. I know this must have had a strong impact on the team. I want to give Rachel Luzader a long hug! I am thankful for God’s protection over the team and for all that God is teaching them.

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