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PRAISE GOD!!!  It looks like our report(s) will actually go through today.  I am attaching a document that has 3 reports within it.  You cannot believe all we have gone through to try and get these to you … so here you go … enjoy!

Siyangelela Thina Abe Zimbabwe! (Greetings from Zimbabwe),

First, please know that we have tried several times to get this message to you. All are anxious for you to hear how we are doing here. However, the electricity is frequently down, and when it is available, the internet is down. However, today we have success!! We are also trying to send pictures which may or may not make it.

The team members are enjoying the glory and splendor of the surroundings and of voices of Africa. After much practice and fine tuning, the team made their first evangelical presentation today (Monday, 7/2). Through words, drama and song, washing of feet and applying of medication, the children heard of God’s love. There were about 100 children at the first presentation. They first presented their drama and music, then washed the feed and treated the wounds. The presentation and washing of feet has been the highlight of the trip. Another amazing blessing was attending one of the local churches for services and Sunday School. The beauty in the voices of the local people cannot be surpassed.Here a comments from a few of our members talking of their experiences.

Sarah Morris – The Lord has opened my eyes to so many things since being in Zimbabwe. Today, we went to our first school. It was amazing to see the joy on the faces of the children. The Lord has given me a new sense of compassion for the Zimbabwean people. He has also broken my heart for the kids. I’ve learned to have thanks for everything. The lord has changed my view of things, and made me desire to follow after him more diligently.

Henry Wadman – Last week, my 18th birthday came and went. Physical growth is not all have experienced on my summer mission trip. Some people ask how to grow close to God. The simplest answer is “Read His word.” Just by reading the Bible, God has led me through both mental and spiritual growth. Today’s trip to a local school to wash the feet of these children and share with them the word of God reminded me of the importance of humility in all we do. I pray the Lord will continue working in me and the team throughout the summer.

Serenity Ballard – Today we went to our first presentation of the gospel and washing of the children’s feet. I had the privilege of playing with the kids before and after the presentation and washing. I was an amazing experience, but it also broke my heart. Americans have so much we take for granted (like an actual toilet, for example). But what is our greatest blessing is having our Lord in our lives. In that way, we are all equal.



  1. Wolfgang & Bette Roth

    Thanks for the report. We are in Germany since yesterday. It is good to hear that things are going well.We trust that God is pleased with your work in Africa, Dianna and Matthew. We keep you in our prayers!
    Wolfgang and Bette

  2. So good to hear from the team and no that there doing so good.

  3. In case you haven’t been able to access the other reports – go to the top and click on Zimbabwe Team Reports underneath the title of this report.

  4. Thank you for the detailed report and pictures – worth the wait! Continuing to pray multiple times a day and so glad those prayers are being answered! Thankful for the growth and impact for all!

  5. what a wonderful report! and great to see the pictures. i know this is a summer these kids will never forget!

  6. So wonderful to hear from Team Zimbabwe! LOVE the pictures, thank you, thank you!
    I am also looking for the document that has the 3 reports in it…any ideas on how to access that?

  7. praising God for this report and knowing that there is so much more our children are learning through Christ! continuing to pray for God’s strength, love for the people and insight to convey the Message!

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