Zimbabwe – July 9 12003

July 9—Today, we have travelled about 3.5 of hours on dirt and paved roads in hopes of accessing an alternate internet network. The team are all currently healthy. We have shared the Gospel in two schools since the report was written on Thursday. Next week we will be sharing in 4 more schools. The presentation and washing of feet continues to be the highlight of the trip. The team members also report particularly loving the depth of worship they experience in the church services.  We will presenting on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. On Saturday, a group of orphans will come to the base, where we will present the gospel and then play games with them throughout the evening.

Here are comments from three more members.

Amanda Milley – Africa is an amazing place with fantastic people, rhythmic songs, and cultural dances. It is also an amazing place spiritually. Here, away from the fast pace of U.S., life is simpler, with fewer worries and temptations. I feel my connection with my Creator and God of the universe growing strong. Through the work we do here serving the orphans and singing God’s praise, I am learning to be a better person and Christian.

Andrew Riegner – We are doing great over here in Zimbabwe. God is working in amazing ways. We have helped give so many kid’s new shoes, but more importantly, we have also seen quite a few of them give their lives to Christ. It truly is wonderful to witness this miracle. God has also show me a verse that has helped me so much. It’s Jeremiah 1:7. It reminds me that even though I am you, God will put his words in my mouth. Can’t wait to tell everyone all about this trip.

Lynelle Thrush – God works in amazing ways! We have witnessed may children’s lives given to Christ. I hope the numbers increase during the rest of our time here. The decision to give our lives fully to Christ is the biggest decision of our lives, so please continue praying for God’s work in the children’s hearts and lives. Thanks for your support.

Okay everyone – there is much prayer over this report … we are all hoping you will soon share our joy at the work that is being done here. In Christ, the Zimbabwe team.



  1. Amanda, we are so proud of all you are doing and continue to pray for you and the team.

  2. Waiting to hear updates is like a little kid waiting for Santa. I look forward to the next update. Remember that we are all very proud of your team’s accomplishments. God Bless and take care. Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Brad Henderson Family

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  4. Brad Henderson Family

    Zimbabwe Daily News
    As Parents, we know that our hearts are right there with you every step of the way. We know and pray that the King of Universe (and Africa) and will watch over you and bless your efforts in His name.
    Rob & Holly Henderson

  5. Wow! Three updates in one day. It is wonderful to see the pictures and hear all of the wonderful things that is taking place. Please know that there are lots and lots of people praying for your team.

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