Zimbabwe Update – 12003

July 5—Hello Everyone,

As you are no doubt aware, our message from Monday did not go through. We continue to have difficulties accessing the internet. Today, we have travelled a couple of hours on dirt road in hopes that this report will make it through to you. The team is all in good health and working well as a team. We have shared the gospel in two schools since Monday and will continue to through Saturday. One of the great thrills of presenting at these schools is the knowledge that after the kids accept Christ, there will be students from a local Bible School that will follow up with each child to begin the discipleship process. Approximately 50 students have accepted Christ since our last report.In addition, our team has performed a few minor work projects at the base.

Here are some comments from the kids. 

Ellie Gleason – God is working in so many powerful ways! I see the true joy the kids have when they walk away admiring their new shoes. But more importantly is seeing their little hands raise to accept Christ into their hearts. The people here are some of the most loving people I’ve ever met. God has been teaching me so much through them. It is such a blessing to be here, to have devotions looking out at the mountains and seeing God’s splendor and majesty. There is no better place than being in God’s will, serving His people.

Brad Henderson – I just wanted to share a few things that God has been doing in my life, and the lives of those around me. Wen I got here, I thought the orphans would be different than they are, but they are so loving, kind, and in need of God. I’ve seen so much growth in our team. Each day, we become more helpful to each other. I can’t wait to see what God will do next in our lives.

Barbara Potts – Our time in Africa is going by so fast, and now we have only about two weeks left. God has done amazing things and showed himself in amazing ways! Yesterday, our tea went out to do a presentation, and even thought the school was smaller than prior schools, there were about 20 kids that accepted Christ into their life. I love being able to see those kids so happy when they accept Christ into their hearts. I know god will change their lives.


  1. Don’t know if our last response got through. We are in Germany since yesterday and are following your updates with great interest. Diana and Matthew, we keep praying for you, especially that God will be gloryfied in all you do in Africa. Our mission trip to Peru was wonderful. We hope you could follow it through the member hub!

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