Australia Preteen Down Under – 12070

We ARRIVED Down Under on Tuesday!. . . We left Sunday, and lost Monday!!!!!
Our 2012 PreTeen team to Australia loved the commissioning service at Boot Camp.  After that, we went to the Orlando airport with the Borneo team.  They were so nice and helpful, as they helped us unload our bags.  We shared Pizza with them.
Chloe’s parents got 2 rooms at the airport hotel where we were able to take real showers and sleep in beds!  Izzy’s parents provided us with lots of good fruits, cookies, cold fruit drinks and cold water!  Do you know how good grapes and strawberries taste when you have clean hair and mostly clean clothes?  (clean except for sweat during commissioning). Izzy’s Mom and Dad lit the first candle at commissioning.  Yea!
After a good sleep, we left the rooms at 4:30 AM and checked in at United and left at 7 AM for Los Angeles, where we were met by Chloe and Jason’s parents.  They took us to their church, which is so wonderful.  Many kids from their church have come to Teen Missions and Karen (leader) got to see one of her former kids!  That was so much fun. We sang at the service, then went to church with the young people, and sang there, too.
Afterwards, we went on a driving tour of Hollywood and ate at In and Out Burgers with John 3:16 on the cups!  We then went to Chloe’s uncle’s home and swam, ate watermelon, ice cream and more.  After an afternoon of playing, relaxing and more, we went to Sakura, one of those Japanese restaurants where they throw the knives around while cooking the food.  It was fun.  We then went back to the airport and checked in with Air New Zealand, and left the USA!
We slept well on the plane and arrived in New Zealand with a short layover, then travelled to Australia.  We were picked up by Mike and Rena Reilly, the couple who run TMI Australia.  We loaded the van and travelled to our new home for 3 weeks and there were kangaroos all over the yard!
The kitchen is attached to a large roofed area where we eat and meet.  There are lots of birds and they think they are supposed to fly down and eat our food.  We have to eat with our arms covering the plates.  One bird flew down and took a roll out of Emily’s hand!  It was funny.
We went to bed by 6:30 PM and slept all night!  We were so tired.
We went straight from Sunday to Tuesday, but didn’t have Monday, July 9th, as we crossed the International date line.  That was kind of funny.
We began working today (Wednesday).  More on that later.  Pray for us.  Thank you.


  1. What a great layover in California!

  2. Wow!!! What a BUSY BUSY day!!! No WONDER they didn’t have time to make phone calls! Great opportunity!!!

  3. Thanks for the update! So good to hear how everyone is doing. I’m glad they had something to do on their layover in LA!

  4. Loved the update. I laughed out loud at the bird story. Birds are naturally attracted to Ema so that’s probably why you are seeing so many. Praying for your team!

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