Cameroon has arrived – 12015

The Cameroon team has arrived safely and with all our luggage.  When we reached Washington D.C. Ethopian airlines put us up in the Hilton Garden Inn.  It was so wonderful and the team really enjoyed our time there. We ordered in pizza and enjoyed an evening picnic outside the hotel. In the morning we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast buffet before heading to the airport. Our flights went smoothly and the majority of the team slept during the 16 hours in the air.

We had to wait 2 hours for our bus to take us to our guesthouse.  We are at a beautiful guesthouse and the team is enjoying the pool. We are having an African supper of rice ,chicken, plantains, jama jama (spinach type veggie) and drinks.

In the morning we will head to the base; a six hour drive.  Thanks parents for sharing with us these wonderful teens. All of them are doing well.



  1. Heidi Armao
    I would love to connect as well, my e-mail is [email protected]
    Thanks so much !!

  2. Praying daily for the group. So glad to get an update and please have them coming whenever possible. I feel like I know some of the teens as I was able to visit Boot Camp 2 times. God bless all in everything you do for each other and to those who you are in contact with. Love and hugs to Granddaughter Morgan.

  3. Esther Matteson

    Kimberly Kennedy’s grandparents, mom, and sisters here in Indiana are GLAD to hear Team Cameroon arrived safely….watching for more news.

  4. Grand Pa and Grand Ma TEXAS

    Our prayers continue for Team Cameroon. We will await each post with anticipation. We Love you Tyler!

  5. Ronda Jenkins and Cary Flora…

    I would like to connect with you two on facebook or email… I met both of your amazing daughters last week on Sunday and would love to chat and give you updates!!!

    Heidi Armao.. (Michal’s mom team Cameroon)

  6. God is so good! Thank you for the updates – its wonderful to hear how God has been answering our prayers. Love you Tyler!

  7. Praise to the Lord, the giver of good gifts; HE IS GOOD!

    Lifting you all in prayer daily.

    “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”
    James 1:17

  8. Glad to hear you guys made it there safely. Hope things are going
    well and I’m confident that you will do a good job with your
    reading glass clinics. Be Blessed, Chet your reading glass clinic

  9. Oh, how thankful we are to the Lord for answered prayers on behalf of our precious loved ones! The fact that you had a great overnight stay and rested on the plane (& your lugguage arrived safely) is wonderful news. Now, we will pray for “jet lag” recovery quickly so you can really enjoy your new experiences. The weather–yes, we hear it is likely raining lots at certain times of the day. We’ll pray the weather never interferes with your travel or your ministry. We had 4 church events/barbeques during horrendous rain storms here and God miraculously allowed us to enjoy each one. Sometimes, He can be incredible! Wow, you are all so blessed and will be such a wonderful blessing to the people you will meet. Enjoy the food, love each other and those new people you meet. Love to you all on the team even though we don’t know you personally! So wonderful to be part of the “family of God”! From Rachel Moon’s Grandparents!

  10. Oh happy dance to JESUS for safe arrival and an uneventful trip. Especially all the luggage making it after the Sudan teams problems:) Thank you LORD for allowing most of the team to sleep on the flight. Please be with the team and leaders to glorify YOU in the days ahead and prepare the children and team members to what they will be seeing and doing. Thank YOU LORD for all their protection! Leaders, thank you so much for the update we have been praying and will continue to do so:) Trey’s Grandma in LaPine, ORegon. PS the meal sounds wonderful!! 🙂

  11. Lauretta Bingley

    Thanking God for safe travels and praying for a very success trip to the base. Keep up the great work teens you will be blessed!!

  12. So thankful they arrived safe!! Loved being able to speak to them before they left! We will be praying for you Cameroon!

  13. Wow, thank you Lord for answered prayer for safety and comfort!! We are praying for every one of you! Enjoy the goodness of our God!

  14. Praise God you have arrived safely. Kami Flora, you were at a Hotel and did not call me? Love and miss you terribly! Mom

  15. Praising God for the safe trip! Anyone know where the guesthouse is? Sounds like it still may be in Douala. Is the 6-hour bus trip the 225 miles to Nsongwa? Join me in praying for a break in the rain for when they have to set up their tents!

  16. Fantastic! Praises to our Lord for pouring His grace to our beloved Cameroon team.

  17. So glad they arrived! I have been praying for all of you as you travel and battle sickness. The supper sounds WONDERFUL!

  18. I am so happy that the trip went well !! Sending love and prayers to all. And to my daughter Hannah … I am so proud of you !! You can do anything through Christ.

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