India has opportunities to evangelize – 12004

July 8 – God keeps providing us with opportunities to evangelise. Daily trips to the orphanage require us to travel through toll booths and stopping at a train crossing. While stopped, the jeep and every other vehicle waiting, gets approached by people selling fruit and other fresh produce. For the first few trips, the team would wind up their windows or just say, “no” until they decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to hand out tracts and ‘Who is Jesus’ booklets. People from all over run to the jeep to receive a booklet, even the toll booth operators wanted them. The team is now prepared for any traffic delay they may encounter.

The team members were able to spend a few days this week at the TM Base. They were able to assist the BMW students carry fruit from the palm trees to an awaiting tractor. The fruit will be old and the income will help support the base. The team was also able to cart sand that will be used to concrete a balcony on the second storey of the TM building.

On Saturday, the team visited a school (yes, Indian children go to school on Saturday!) and were really blessed by the reactions and participation of the students and teachers.

We also experienced a heavy downpour (like the ones in Florida…), it really cooled the temperature down briefly. This week also saw the departure of Mike Reilly, who headed back to Australia The team enjoyed his company and listening to his stories.

Please keep praying for us. We miss you all! Love from the India Team

Elisabeth Coon – India is amazing! The people are so nice. It’s so much fun playing with the orphans and doing presentations at the schools and churches. The food is super spicy and takes awhile to get use to but it tastes really good. I’m looking forward to doing some site seeing and experiencing more of India.

Carl Arvidson – The Summer is going really good and it’s fun going to different schools and churches. We are going to town tomorrow to do some shopping. This country is beautiful, it’s pretty cool here!



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