Malawi Guitar update – 12001

We have only been in Chipoka for a few days but our time here so far has been good. Yesterday (Tuesday) we got the chance to go back to where our very first presention were done.

“These last few weeks here have been some of the best times of my life. Every time I get to share a presentation with the children or even adults here it’s a fantastic feeling seeing their smiles and hearing them laugh. The people here are definitely hungry for God’s Word and I’m glad I get to share it with them!”

Anderson Tyree

Yesterday we also got to welcome the US Preteen team which the team enjoyed. This weekend, Lord willing is when the Malawian Preteens arrive for Boot Camp. On Saturday we will have one of our sightseeing days at Senga Bay while they do orientation. The team will get to swim and do souvenir shopping. The weather in Chipoka is about the same, sunny and cool in the mornings but warm in the afternoon. No one has been in the sick tent yet. Praise the Lord, but we are having some congestion and coughs starting so please keep our health in your prayers.

We are all excited for the Preteen Boot Camp to start and for our next ministry to them. Again we will be teaching guitars in the afternoons as well as control classes. In the mornings we will be ministering out in nearby villages and markets and some rescue units.

“The time in the villages has been greatly rewarding and enjoyable but I am super excited as we go into this next phase of our ministry – Preteen Boot Camp.”  Shaanthi Nair



  1. Jennifer Saylor

    Good question Laura. I believe these are the National teens that get the donations from our teens (during their money raising time prior to the trip) to go out and spread the Gospel. I would think they are teens that have been hand picked over the last 1 to 2 years that show interest in reaching others for Christ. At least this is what my older son had experienced on his previous trips.


  2. Sounds like all of you are having an awesome time!

  3. Such a blessing to get regular updates.
    I am a bit confused about the preteen teams. The US preteen team just arrived so are there native preteens going to a boot camp there also? If so- where do those kids come from? Have they met them on their trips?

  4. Michele L. Siemasko

    Hello: Hoping to see arrival updates Zambia water filters? Sincerely, Michele

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