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We are here! After three days of traveling, 4 flights, long waits in the airports the Malawi team is safe and sound. We got to the base last night and found our tents set up for us. Thank you to the Malawi Teen Team for getting it ready and for a wonderful supper. The head lady leader was able to go for her first shopping time in Malawi and got the kitchen full of food. Since we lost 15 bags a lot of our food was not here. But we did get our BACON! I am going to the airport to Lord willing get the missing bags lat2010 Malawi Preteen Missions Triper today.
We put the kids to bed last night and I went over to one of the tents to ask them a question. It had only been about 5 minutes but they were already sound asleep. Today we are resting and getting things organized. I am in town getting supplies to start the garden.
All of the kids are doing well. We did have a couple that got a little sick from all the traveling. But after a goods night sleep they all seem to be doing much better.
Thank you for your prayers with all the traveling. The team is doing wonderful and I praise God for what He is doing in their lives.
(Note to parents) Your children have been amazing and I want to thank you for allowing them to come serve the Lord. We enjoy them everyday and are looking forward to watching them grow and learn in Malawi.
The Malawi Preteen Team


  1. Praying the Lord’s blessing in this mission trip. May many lives be transformed because of Him who reigns on Most High. Blessings be poured out to you at this time. In Christ, Sandy Gordon

  2. Praying for the bags to turn up quickly. God will provide. And the best part is we only missplaced bags not team members.

  3. I’m praying for you! God will provide!

  4. Shannon Slattery

    Praise God you made it to Africa! We are so thankful to you leaders for taking care of our babies! Let them know we love them and pray they are having a blast serving God!
    Love you Jeremiah!!!

  5. So glad you have all arrived safe and sound and were able to have a good night’s rest! Praying that your bags arrive and soon!!! Blessings to you all as you start your project…praying it goes smoothely and that much is accomplished!!

    Donna Frey

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